October 17, 2021

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GearWrench GSX Series Tool Storage Chests and Cabinets

GearWrench GSX tool cabinets chests

GearWrench GSX Tool Chests Smart and Strong

GearWrench had trade Pros in mind when they designed the GSX Series Storage Chests and Cabinets. These tool storage solutions feature rugged builds and a stable of features to make securing, organizing, and accessing your tools with GearWrench a smarter option.

GearWrench on the GSX Storage Options

The last thing we ever want to see are pros shaking their heads in disappointment, so we built our new GSX cabinets and chests for them in every sense of the word. Top-shelf build quality, but also with built-in features and functionality that meet and exceed the day-to-day needs for the most demanding users.

Chris Coll, product manager at GearWrench

Features That Make the GSX Storage Chests Stand Out

GearWrench starts with beefing up the durability of the GSX chests and cabinets. They use 20-gauge steel for the construction—that’s about what you find on Snap-on’s Blue-Point roll cabs. Industrial-grade 5-inch casters (2 locking, 2 fixed) offer easier mobility around the shop.

GearWrench rolling tool cabinet

GearWrench uses 22-gauge steel for the drawers. These glide on ball-bearing slides for 100-pounds of load capacity and smooth opening. A trigger lock system lets you open and close the drawers naturally. Each drawer also includes a durable black foam mat liner that you can install.

GearWrench GSX Series Tool Storage Chests drawers

Additionally, the GearWrench GSX Tool Chests also offer gas-charged lift support struts. These let you effortlessly open and close the top lids.

The GearWrench GSX Series Tool Chests and Cabinets come in three matching sizes – 26″, 36″, and 41″ – that let you pair them together. The two larger chests come with a power strip that includes four outlets and two USB ports.

USB power strip

GearWrench GSX 35-inch 7-drawer Rolling Tool Cart with Tilt Top

Finally, the GearWrench GSX Storage solutions include a 35″ 7-drawer Rolling Tool Cart with Tilt Top. This comes with a built-in charging station, auto-return sliding drawers, and a textured finish. Though the cart feels compact, it still provides over 16,200 cubic inches of storage capacity.

35-inch 7 Drawer GSX Series Rolling Tool Cart with Tilt Top

What We Think

So far, we like what we see. We already use the GearWrench Mobile Work Station. It provides tons of storage and easy access to our tools. The build quality and style are second to none for the price. We get the same impression from the GSX Series rolling cabinets and tool chests.

You can find less expensive solutions, but Gearwrench does a great job putting out quality products that both look and feel impressive when you get your hands on them.

GearWrench GSX Tool Chest Prices

Here we have a pricing breakdown for the items in the GearWrench GSX Series Tool Storage options.

  • 83240 – 26″ 4-Drawer GSX Series Tool Chest – $449.99
  • 83241 – 26″ 5-Drawer GSX Series Rolling Tool Cabinet – $669.99
  • 83242 – 36″ 5-Drawer GSX Series Tool Chest – $719.99
  • 83243 – 36″ 6-Drawer GSX Series Rolling Tool Cabinet – $889.99
  • 83244 – 41″ 5-Drawer GSX Series Tool Chest – $759.99
  • 83245 – 41″ 11-Drawer GSX Series Rolling Tool Cabinet – $1,199.99
  • 83246 – 35″ 7-Drawer GSX Series Rolling Tool Cart with Tilt Top – $1,799.99

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