Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review
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At $42, the Gerber Processor isn't going to appeal to everyone. The winners are those of you using cut bait and processing assembly line style.

Overall Score 8.0 (out of 10)

There have been a lot of marital arguments surrounding the fishing industry. Yes, some because of how much time some of us spend fishing. The unspoken side of it involves the number of kitchen and household tools that find their way to the boat. With Gerber Processor Fishing Shears, your wife may be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

As we wrap up our Weekend Life series on Gerber’s heightened focus on the fishing industry, I get to live out my dream – I’m spending time fishing and it’s absolutely work related! But moving onto more important things…

One-Tool, Multiple Uses

Scissors with Fin Clipper

While you might be tempted to cut your line with the scissors, keep in mind that this is primarily a processing tool for your bait and catch, so stick with Gerber’s Neat Freak for most of your cutting duties.

The scissors work well for cutting bait or cutting into your catch. But there are other tools onboard for the same purpose. One of the more important design features is the curve that makes it appropriate for clipping fins. It works well, but I’m curious if a serrated blade might hold onto and clip fins with an easier design.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

Gut Hook

The gut hook’s function is to help open up your catch to start removing insides before you start cutting filets off. Though smaller than a standard gut hook knife, it’s an effective design that pierces fish skin pretty easily.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review


I grew up fishing in the Southeast. Essentially that means you fillet your catch, bread it, and deep fry it. The only difference is what seasoning your tossing with the breadcrumbs or batter. We’re a little more health-conscious these days, plus, grilling and broiling fish is incredibly tasty.

To keep the flavor high, you need to leave the skin on your filets while they’re cooking, but get rid of the scales that can hide bacteria and influence the flavor of the fish. The Gerber Processor Fishing Shears’ scaler gets the job done quickly on most fish. It takes a little longer on some of the taller fish around like tilapia and sheepshead.

Straight Edge Knife

Given that you can start processing your catch with the Processor, it’s not a far cry to think the straight edge knife can also help with it. That’s an incorrect assumption, though.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

With its lack of flexibility, the knife isn’t designed for filleting and Gerber doesn’t claim that it is. It’s best for cutting bait on deck.

Lanyard Hole

Whether you’re on a boat or a kayak, waves roll and things get dropped. Plan on tethering the Processor to your belt or bait station.

Easy Cleanup

The Gerber Processor has a take apart design that makes cleaning a breeze. The challenge is to keep the jaw action smooth and Gerber pulls it off. Even if the bolt does loosen or the metal wears down, you can use a Torx wrench to tighten it back up.


Gerber includes a sheath to store the Processor in and it’s a good thing. Unlike the Neat Freak, there are plenty of sharp edges and points you don’t want to be exposed until you need them.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

The tool locks in well and a finger coil on the sheath encourages you to get a firm grip for removal. Just be careful of that straight edge knife blade. If you use that choil with anything other than your index finger or pinky, you’re leaving at least one exposed to a potential cut.

There’s a drain hole at the bottom to ensure water doesn’t stay inside and ruin the tool.


Ergonomics is where the Gerber Processor gets weird. I like the way the handle allows for all of my fingers to get in on the cutting action to provide strength and stability. However, my medium-size hands have a hard time getting the jaws open far enough to allow for fin clipping.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

Because of how high an angle the straight edge knife handle is, I end up using it more like an Uru knife, pressing down and pivoting through the cut rather than slicing. My thumb on top of the handle rather than in it.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

It’s tough to find a natural grip for the scaler as well. What ends up working best is a forefinger in front of the handle, middle and ring finger in it, pinky behind it, and thumb resting on top of the opposite handle.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears Review

While you can use the tools with the Processor taken apart, it doesn’t change the ergonomics of each tool.

Final Thoughts

At $42, the Gerber Processor isn’t going to appeal to everyone. The winners are those of you using cut bait and processing assembly line style. Since you still need to reach for a separate filet knife to finish the job, you may find your current method works best unless you already use multiple tools.

For the guys that primarily fish artificial, you’re not going to find as much value in the multi-functionality of the Processor.

Those of you that are nodding your head “yes” to all the functions the Processor offers will still need to adjust to the ergonomics. Once you do, it performs each function well and saves you some space in your tackle box or storage bin.

Gerber Processor Fishing Shears at a Glance

  • Model: Gerber 31-003276
  • Gut Hook
  • Scaler
  • Straight Edge Knife
  • Fin Clipper
  • Cutting Shears
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Take Apart Design
  • Storage Sheath 

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