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Greenlee G10 10000-pound Tugger Heavy-Duty Cable Puller

Greenlee G10 Tugger

Custom-Designed Motor Delivers Speed and Versatility

We’ve seen how Greenlee has benefitted the world of cable pulling with the G1 1,000-pound cable puller. It provides speed and versatility to the often tedious job of pulling cable, and it allows for one-man operation. The Greenlee G10 Tugger offers a truly heavy-duty cable puller. A 2-speed custom-designed motor can continuously pull up to 8,000 lbs., maxing out at 10,000 pounds of pull force.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Greenlee G10 Tugger
  • Fast setup for reduced downtime
  • 2-speed motor handles both high and low pulling loads
  • 8,000-pound continuous pull, 10,000 peak pulling
  • Force indicator display shows operator the pull in 1,000-lb increments
  • Right angle sheave keeps operators outside of pull line
  • Multi-purpose foot switch

Cut Downtime Out of the Work Equation

Greenlee knows that reducing downtime is the key to improving pull times. Working with that premise, they focused on designing a new motor. It needed to increase the continuous pull force while still providing users with the versatility to change speeds on the fly.

They came up with the Greenlee G10 Tugger, which features an innovative motor board design that efficiently uses electricity to create better pull performance. The G10 Tugger has two speeds tat operate through a series of ranges. It looks something like this:

  • High speed (no load): 22.4 ft/min
    Tackles loads up to 4,200 lbs. where it tops out at 16.1 ft/min.
  • Low speed (no load): 13.5 ft/min
    Continuously pulls up to 8,000-lb. loads, topping out at 9 ft/min
  • Low speed (max momentary load): 10,000 lbs. peak capacity

Greenlee claims that the G10 Tugger is the only UL-listed 2-speed puller on the market that can shift from high speed/low load pulling to low speed/high load pulling with a simple double tap on the multi-purpose footswitch.

Force Indicator Display

Further, this cable puller features a Force Indicator Display that shows you the pull in increments of 1,000 lbs, giving you more control over the project at hand. This really gives you fast, on-the-fly speed switching. Used with the right angle sheave (pulley), the pedal also keeps you outside the direct line of the pull.

The Greenlee G10 Tugger has a few mounting options available. The Mobile VersiBoom (sold separately) provides a fast, one-man setup. You can also chain mount it for work in tighter spaces. Lastly, you can mount to the floor for even more pulling flexibility.

Greenlee 10,000-Pound Cable Puller Specs

  • Model: Greenlee G10
  • Cable Type: Electrical cable
  • Capacity: The no-load low speed is 13.5 FT/MINT and can be used on loads up to 8,000 LB where the speed will be 9 FT/MINT, or a momentary peak capacity of 10,000 LB
  • Voltage Rating: 115 Volts
  • Amperage Rating: 20 Amp
  • Mounting: Floor mount, chain mount, and mobile Versi-Boom (not included)
  • Required Rope: 7/8″ diameter, double-braided, polyester composite

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