Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool | A Tool for All Occasions

Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool

The Greenlee GRE-6: One Electrical Tool to Rule Them All

If you look for versatility in your electrical tools, the Greenlee GRE-6 Interchangeable Head 6-in-1 Cable Termination Tool has you covered. This 6-ton hydraulic tool has six interchangeable tool head options to cut wire, crimp connectors, and punch electrical boxes.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Greenlee GRE-6
  • 6-ton hydraulic tool cuts, crimps, and punches
  • Interchangeable head system
  • Head options include CU/AL Scissor Cutting Head, ACSR Cutting Head, 6-Ton Quad-Point Crimping Head, 6-Ton Service Drop Crimping Heads, Knockout Punch Head
  • Powered by Makita 18V battery
  • 7-year warranty

Cut, Crimp, Punch

The Greenlee GRE-6 is an interchangeable head system designed to save storage space and cost of tool ownership by covering a variety of electrical applications that require hydraulic power.

The Greenlee Cable Termination Tool features a QuickChange System that lets you switch heads quickly. These head options include:

  • CU/AL Scissor Cutting Head: This head tackles cutting up to 750 kcmil (MCM) copper/aluminum building wire.
  • ACSR Cutting Head: This head is capable of cutting up to 477 kcmil (MCM) ACSR and up to 3/8-inch guy wire.
  • 6-Ton Quad-Point Crimping Head: Carrying a UL 1976 classification, this head crimps copper connectors and wire from #8AWG to 750 kcmil and aluminum connectors and wire from #8AWG to 500 kcmil (MCM).
  • 6-Ton Service Drop Crimping Heads (O and BG Configurations): These heads can tackle work with #10 – 2/0 stranded copper taps, AL and ACSR #14 solid – 4/0 ACSR taps, #6-4/0 ACSR stirrups, #10 stranded – 4/0 ACSR tension splices, #8 – 350 MCM AL and 500 MCM CU, and #10 stranded – 4/0 ACSR service entrances.
  • Knockout Punch Head: The knockout punch head punches 1/2″ to 4″ holes in 12-gauge mild steel and 14 gauge stainless steel. It features a 360° head rotation for increased maneuverability. Its accessories include draw studs and spacers.
Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool

The Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool runs on Makita’s 18V battery platform. We like that as it makes it simple to grab spare batteries if needed—or replace them down the road. You can pick up the GRE-6 as a bare tool or in a variety of kit configurations. To see all the options available, or to find a retailer, visit Greenlee by clicking here.

What Does Greenlee Have to Say About the GRE-6?

The GRE-6 is ideally suited for electrical troublemen or maintenance professionals that need a variety of tools with hydraulic power. [The] GRE-6 provides that versatility by allowing the ability to quickly switch tool heads and reduces time wasted going back and forth to search for multiple tools. It’s one tool that can do the job of three with efficiency and precision.

Ryan Berg, Product Manager, Greenlee for Emerson

From what we can already see—we’d have to agree. Three tools in one can save a lot of time and money. This goes triple when these types of cordless tools typically carry a very high dollar cost. Putting them together makes a lot of sense.

Greenlee Interchangeable Head Cable Termination Tool Specs

  • Model: Greenlee GRE-6
  • Type: Die style crimper/cutter
  • Application: 6-ton crimping
  • Sub-brand: Gator
  • Length: 21 in.
  • Crimping force: 6 ton (53kN)
  • Crimping capacity: #8-500 MCM Cu, #8-350 MCM AI, Aluminium H-taps up to 4/0-4/0
  • Connector type: #8-500 MCM Cu, #8-350 MCM AI, Aluminium H-taps up to 4/0-4/0
  • Handle type: In-line style with over-molded rubber grip
  • Warranty: 7-year warranty

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