Hart 20V Circular Saw Review HPCS01

Hart 20V Circular Saw

Hart 20V Circular Saw Makes a Compelling Case for DIYers

The Hart 20V circular saw is a 6 1/2-inch cordless model you can find at your local Walmart. We had a variety of 2x lumber and 3/4-inch OSB subfloor cuts to make and used it as an opportunity to see how this model stacks up in the DIY market.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

Light Weight, Compact Size

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the saw is how light it is. At just 5.0 pounds without a battery and 5.9 pounds with a 2.0Ah pack, it’s very manageable for any user.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

Part of the weight savings comes in the material choices. Like many DIY circular saws, it sticks with tool plastic for the blade guard and cover.

It’s also a compact saw with a smaller metal shoe than most full-size circular saws and even less housing material.

The side-entry battery is one place Hart departs from the traditional. By adding weight opposite the blade, it balances the saw out pretty well. With the weight better balanced, you’re more likely to keep the shoe flat on your material as you cut.

Hart 20V Circular Saw


Many saws use a lever-style clamp to secure the height and bevel adjustments. The Hart 20V circular saw goes with a thumb screw and I like the call. They’re easier to access than other styles and easier to use in general.

Just bear in mind that you don’t want to overtighten them so you can avoid damage.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

The depth markings are inside a window on the back of the blade cover. With a white mark contrasting the black support, it stands out well.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

On the opposite side, the bevel markings are stamped into the metal. They’re not difficult to see, but those of us with challenges in the vision department might have to look a little harder.

Cutting Performance

After making a few test cuts, we swapped over to our go-to Spyder framing blade in a 6 1/2-inch size. Then we got to work, making plenty of cuts in 2×10 pressure treated lumber and layered 3/4-inch OSB subfloor (2 sheets).

The Hart 20V circular saw has the muscle to cut those materials just fine. It obviously doesn’t have the power of a premium professional model, but it does the job.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

You need to take your time on tougher cuts and that’s okay. It’s arguably more important on DIY projects to make the right cut the first time than to make them super-fast.

Going back to the store for another board or two tends to hurt your project budget worse on a DIY fishing rod holder than a $60,000 remodel. On the other hand, taking a few extra seconds to make the cut doesn’t add much to your overall project time.

Where I’d draw the line is if woodworking is your drug of choice. When you’re consistently cutting hardwoods and using higher tooth count blades, you’re going to want more power.


Like many compact saws, it’s a little easier to introduce some wobble in your cut. It’s the nature of closer hand positions and a lighter saw.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

The 0º and 45º notches are true, though. If you take the time to follow them closely (and you marked your material accurately), you’ll end up with the proper length.

Hart 20V Circular Saw

At 0º, you can cut up to 2 1/16-inch deep, giving you the capacity to make it through 2x dimensional lumber easily. At 45º, the blade is just short of making it through.

Dust Collection

The Hart 20V circular saw includes a dust collection port that’s unlike most that we’ve tested. There’s no through-guard exit for dust and chips, so it clamps onto the inside of the guard at the rear using the height adjustment knob.

Once attached, it’s remarkably effective. We made identical cuts with and without the attachment and vac. Without it, the saw leaves its dust on your work surface. Once we kicked attaches the adapter and turned on the vac, it left almost nothing behind.


Over at Walmart, you can pick up the Hart 20V circular saw for $69 as a bare tool. It doesn’t come as a kit, but it is part of the 3-tool combo for $169. If you’re going to need batteries and a charger to get you started, it’s a solid value that adds a drill and LED light to the mix.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact circular saw to tackle DIY projects and household repairs, the Hart 20V circular saw is worth your consideration.

It’s easy to use and accurate. Paired with a good blade, it nets some quality results. Just remember to take your time on those tougher cuts and let the motor do the work.

Hart 20V Circular Saw Specifications

  • Model: Hart HPCS01
  • RPM: 4,700 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 6-1/2 in.
  • Bevel Capacity: 0° – 56°
  • Maximum Cut: 2-1/6 in. @ 0°, 1-7/16 in. @ 45°, 1-1/8 in. @ 56°
  • Tool Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Price: $69 (bare tool)

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