Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 Review

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 Review
PTR Review
  • Cutting Speed 7.9
  • Vibration Control 8.7
  • Feature Set 7.0
  • Size 6.7
  • Value 8.0

You can get faster cutting speed if you need it, but Hilti's SR 6-A22 is about as comfortable a reciprocating saw as you'll find between its vibration control, slim design, and lower weight. 

Overall Score 7.7 (out of 10)

The Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR gets an upgrade over the previous model with a brushless motor and AVR vibration control. We put it through the Pro Tool Reviews testing regiment and sent it out in the field to get a comprehensive grasp of its potential.


  • Excellent ergonomics with slim design, comfortable grip, and low weight
  • Smooth cutting action
  • Fast cutting in wood and thin metal
  • Dust collection and cut assist accessories available


  • No orbital action
  • Slow cutting in thick metal
  • Plastic rafter hook may be a durability issue
  • Expensive kit pricing


You can get faster cutting speed if you need it, but Hilti’s SR 6-A22 is about as comfortable a reciprocating saw as you’ll find between its vibration control, slim design, and lower weight.

Buy it as a primary saw for light to medium demo jobs and pair it with Hilti’s advanced batteries for the best runtime. Pass if you’re looking for a low-budget option.

Check out how this model did head-to-head against its competition in our shootout!

Feature Set

Dust Collection Accessory

Dust collection on a reciprocating saw? Hilti has a way. The attachment connects at the bottom of the shoe and kicks out so you can attach a hose.

Cut Assist Accessory

A strange hole in the right side lets you attach Hilti’s cut assist accessory. Small teeth bite down as you clamp it while the connection point allows the saw to pivot. When you’re cutting thick metal, it’s a fantastic way to get the cut started well and maintain control through the entire cut.

Rafter Hook

Many tradesmen love a rafter hook, but I don’t really need one and took it off. Still, Hilti goes the unusual direction of including a plastic hook. I’m not sure how long it will last for those of you that use it. It is replaceable, though.

Standard Features

  • Brushless motor
  • Keyless clamp for blade changes (releases but does not spring eject)
  • Built-in LED light
  • Adjustable shoe

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw

Missing Features

  • Orbital action



Inside the tool is Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) which smooths out the cutting action. It’s not as effective as Skilsaw’s Buzzkill, but it’s no slouch, either. It’s more in line with Makita’s vibration control system.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw

Standard Testing

One of the ways the Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR reduces vibration is with a lower stroke rate. At 2600 SPM, it’s roughly 400 RPM slower than other major brands. Hilti does offset it with a 1-1/4″ stroke length, though.

In nail-embedded wood, this is one of the fastest we tested in the standard 18V/20V max class (advanced cordless models are in a different class). Only Makita’s XRJ05 was faster, and by just 0.09 seconds on average. That really impressive considering this saw doesn’t have orbital action and its specs suggest it would be a slower cutting model.

Shifting the focus to metal cutting, Hilti dips a bit on 2″ EMT. It still scored very well with a 4.51-second average, but couldn’t keep up with Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel model at the top (3.75 seconds).

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 EMT Cutting

Thick metal is where Hilti really lost some ground. It’s 14.18-second average cutting #5 rebar was the slowest of its class.

This is an interesting mix of results. The takeaway is that it’s a great saw for cutting wood and thin to medium medal. You can either turn to Hilti’s more powerful 36V model or just plan on taking your time when you’re cutting thick metals.

Field Testing

I don’t need a tool like the Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR on every job, but when I do need it, there’s really no substitute. I recently poured my own concrete porch and grabbed my Hilti impact to remove the form’s screws.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the screws were stripped out. I gotta find better help! So I used the SR 6-A22 and made quick work of them. The slim design of the saw really helps when you’re cutting to the side.

If you haven’t had to fix equipment on the fly in your career, your time is coming. We were putting stone on an outdoor chimney and pouring cement. The muffler on my mixer was about as broke down as it could get – essentially, it was not a muffler at all. It was loud, and we just couldn’t take it.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw

The rusty old bolts were still holding on, so I called on Hilti to cut through them and give me some room to work. A few minutes later, I had the new muffler on and a more peaceful jobsite.

The Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR may be slower than other new cordless models, but it’s very capable and convenient in the field.



What Hilti trades off in cutting speed, it gains in ergonomics. The bare tool weighs 7.2 pounds and putting the 5.2 Ah battery on it brings it up to 8.9 pounds. That’s more than 3 pounds lighter than Milwaukee!

Hilti also goes with a slim front handle design that’s much more comfortable than most reciprocating saws.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw

Price & Value

Hilti’s pricing structure isn’t the same as everyone else’s since they give you the ability to customize your kit. The Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR is $199 Bare. $456 gets you a pair of 3.0 Ah batteries and a charger or you can move up to 5.2 Ah packs for $536.

As a bare tool, it’s a pretty competitive price. If you need batteries, the SR 6-A22 jumps up quickly, though. Here’s how some of the competition stacks up:

The Bottom Line

The Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw with AVR doesn’t keep up in cutting speed with the leaders, but its ergonomics earn some major points. Like most Hilti tools, what keeps us coming back is the outstanding build quality and service after the sale. This saw might not be as fast as some, but it’s going to keep working long after you retire other models.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR Specifications

  • Hilti SR 6-A22
  • Stroke length: 1-1/4 inches
  • Stroke rate: 2600 SPM
  • Variable Speed
  • Electric Brake
  • Blade clamp: 1/2-inch keyless
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.6 x 3.8 x 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Prices:
    • $189 (Bare)
    • $456 (Kit with two 3.0 Ah batteries)
    • $536 (Kit with two 5.2 Ah batteries)

This review originally published in February 2019. It has been updated to reflect its performance in our head-to-head review.

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