Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Compact SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Compact SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Raises The Bar For SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Power

The Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 compact rotary hammer caught our eye for a couple of reasons. First, this is the first compact rotary hammer we’ve seen from Hilti with both Active Torque Control (ATC) and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR). Both features play a more serious role in larger rotary hammers like the Hilti TE 30-22. However, we like seeing “trickle-down tech” that helps when doing smaller jobs as well. We wanted to know whether this new Hilti compact rotary hammer would prove a good value for Pros looking for a lighter-weight solution for drilling smaller diameter holes.

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer – The Big Deal

Hilti Nuron technology offers several performance and design advantages. Chief among them is the advanced battery technology that brings with it more power and runtime. With more reasonably-sized tools like this one, you really do get some impressive results.

Looking at Hilti’s cordless TE 4 options, the previous model (TE 4-A22) matches the TE 4-22 on a number of specs. It lacks both ATC and AVR, however. And while the 22V Nuron platform moves away from 36V batteries, it doesn’t seem to decrease power or runtime potential. Even the single-row B 22-85 Nuron 22V battery provides enough power to drive this tool.

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Compared with the TE 4-A22, Hilti maintains the speed but tweaks the impact power to 1.7 ft-lbs. Couple that with the safety features we already mentioned, and you have a very capable, yet compact rotary hammer. With this increased power comes increased drilling up to 1-inch diameter holes. The older TE 4-A22 topped out at 23/32″. We do note that the corded TE 7 can tackle holes up to 1-3/32″—the same as the Hilti TE 6-22.

TE 4-22 drilling concrete

Check out how the Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 compares to the TE 4-A22 and the corded TE 7:

TE 4-22 NuronTE 4-A22Corded TE 7
No-Load Speed1050 RPM1050 RPM740 RPM
Impact Energy1.7 ft-lbs1.5 ft-lbs2.6 ft-lbs
Blow RateUnspecified5200 IPM4020 IPM
Hammer Drilling Range3/16 – 1 in.5/32 – 23/32 in.5/32 – 1 3/32 in.
Optimal Range1/4 – 1/2 in.3/16 – 15/32 in.1/4 – 5/8 in.
Active Torque ControlYesNoNo
Active Vibration ReductionYesNoNo
Bare Weight5.4 lbs7.3 lbs7.5 lbs
Price (bare tool)$349$349$359

Nuron Benefits

There are many benefits to Hilti’s Nuron system, and you can read more about them in our deep dive here. For now, here’s a quick list of what you can expect:

  • Beefier electrical connections, 21700 cells, and better cooling delivers higher current potential and higher performance
  • Nuron batteries collect data from the tool and deliver it to the cloud when on a charger
  • Battery level indicator lights up when you pull the trigger
  • Battery health indicator
Hilti Nuron battery indicator

Additional Features

  • Wide drilling range
  • Quick-release depth gauge
  • Compatible with TE DRS-4/6 onboard dust removal or TE DRS-C vacuum connectors

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Price

The Hilti TE 4-22 runs just $349 as a bare tool (or less than $20/month for Hilti Tools on Demand pricing). While that only saves you $20 off the price of a TE 6-22, it also gets you a more compact tool. When drilling overhead or on walls, that can make your day a lot better. Hilti also offers their 20-2-1 warranty program: a 20-year warranty, a 2-year free service, and a 1-day repair/maintenance turnaround.

Hilti offers its tools a la carte, so you can custom build your kit exactly how you want it. Here’s a breakdown of the batteries and chargers:

Compatible Batteries

  • 2.5 Ah (B 22-54): $84.00 each (not recommended due to limited power and runtime)
  • 4 Ah (B 22-85): $114 each (best balance of weight, performance, and runtime)
  • 8 Ah (B 22-170): $174 each (additional weight, performance, and runtime)
  • 12 Ah (B 22-255): $204 each (not recommended due to weight)

Compatible Chargers

  • Hilti C 4-22 (91W) Compact Charger: $39
  • Hilti C 6-22 (241W) Fast Charger: $84

Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Specifications

  • Model: Hilti TE 4-22
  • Power Source: Hilti Nuron 22V battery
  • No-Load Speed: 1050 RPM
  • Impact Energy: 1.7 ft-lbs
  • Hammer drilling diameter range: 3/16-1 in.
  • Bare weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Price: $349 bare, $799 kit (2 batteries, charger, and 3 bits)

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