Hitachi Oscillating Tool Review – CV 350V

Hitachi Oscillating Tool
PTR Review
  • Cutting Speed 8.3
  • Vibration Control 8.0
  • Accessory Change 7.0
  • Ergonomics 8.4
  • Noise Level 7.1
  • Value 9.2

Hitachi's oscillating tool does everything that it should, and it does most of it pretty well. But, at $129 for the kit, it really shines in the value category.

Overall Score 8.0 (out of 10)

A few months ago, we took 26 corded and cordless multitool models and threw them all together for our best oscillating multitool head-to-head. We compared these tools by looking at their cutting performance, blade change system, ergonomics, noise, vibration control, and value. After we wrap up a shootout, we typically like to take the individual tools and put them under the microscope. Today, we’re taking a closer look at our 12th-place overall finisher, the Hitachi CV 350V. This Hitachi oscillating tool may not have come in first, but it’s a solid all-around performer with only a couple of real hang-ups.

Blade Change

This first, and biggest, hang-up has to do with changing the blades. When changing out accessories, it seems like Hitachi over-engineered the whole system. It’s tool-less, which we like, but it also requires some unscrewing and yanking. It just takes a little bit of time to get the blade changed out. In a world of multi-tools that have adopted a simple 1 or 2-step process to swap a blade, we find this unnecessarily overcomplicated.

Hitachi Oscillating Tool


This Hitachi oscillating tool weighs 3.18 lbs. Weight is kind of a weird thing with tools. Ideally, we’d like most tools to weigh as little as possible. Sometimes, however, lighter tools equate to shoddy quality and workmanship. Hitachi manages to find the sweet spot here with a tool that feels solid but avoids weighing so much as to feel like we’re carrying around a brick.

Hitachi Oscillating Tool

We also really liked the grip on the Hitachi CV 350V oscillating tool. The curves in the grip feel very natural, and the handle has just the right amount of girth.


The Hitachi oscillating multitool fell into the middle of the pack in terms of cutting speed. We tested some insanely fast multi-tools as well as some painfully slow ones. The Hitachi found the happy medium here as well. It cranks out Pro-level speed, and it handles up to 20,000 OPM with its variable speed settings. Even so, it probably won’t wow you in this department. The upsides are the solid ergonomics and the reasonable cutting speed. This Hitachi oscillating multi-tool remains easy to maneuver—even through complex cuts.

Hitachi Oscillating Tool


The vibration control on this tool works pretty well, but you’ll definitely be able to feel the tool working in your hand. Gloves will help if you plan to use it all day long to undercut doors for tile or flooring.

Hitachi Oscillating Tool


The Hitachi CV 350V doesn’t really disappoint us in the noise department, but it could stand to be quieter. We measured it at 99 dB(A), which is louder than a mouse’s fart, but quieter than a Molly Hatchet concert. Even still, at 99 dB(A) you’ll want to grab some hearing protection if you plan to use the tool for more than a few hours.


Finally, we have a category where the Hitachi oscillating tool steps out of the middle of the pack and throws a little bit of weight around. Don’t get us wrong, the Hitachi CV 350V hasn’t underperformed. In fact, there’s not much to really be disappointed with (save for the clumsy blade change system). At $129, the kit presents a solid value. Plus, the tool comes with a pretty stellar 5-year warranty.

Included in the Kit

  • CV 350V oscillating tool
  • Accessory case
  • 2 wood blades
  • Sanding pad
  • 27 sandpaper sheets
  • Carrying bag

The Bottom Line

Finishing 12th place overall, the Hitachi oscillating tool does a pretty good job on almost everything. We wish that the brand would put a little more work into the blade change system. The one they’ve got works, albeit with some degree of hassle. Still, this tool presents a pretty great value. If you’re looking for a multi-tool that performs well without having to jack up the credit card bill, Hitachi presents a viable option.

Hitachi Oscillating Tool Features

  • Variable speed dial (6,000 to 20,000 OPM)
  • Auto mode setting adjusts speed and power
  • Tool-less blade change system compatible with open and closed back blades

Hitachi CV 350V Oscillating Tool Specs

  • Model: Hitachi CV 350V
  • Motor Size: 3.5-amp (385 watts)
  • Oscillations: 20,000 OPM
  • Oscillation angle: Not listed
  • Weight: 3.18 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $129 

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