October 28, 2021

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Honda My Generator Bluetooth App

Honda My Generator App

Honda Launches My Generator App for Remote Operation and Monitoring

Honda has made operating your generator even easier with the launch of the My Generator App. Through your smartphone or tablet, you can start, stop, and monitor the operations of your portable Honda Generator.

Honda My Generator App

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Included on Honda EU2200i, EU2200i, EM5000, and EM6500 generators
  • Coming to Super Quiet Series EU7000iS and EU2200i Camo later this Fall
  • Reduces the need to go outside in inclement weather to monitor generators
  • Honda incorporating CO-Minder carbon monoxide detection on ALL models by end of 2020

Honda Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Just in time for hurricane season, the Honda My Generator App comes on four of the brand’s best-selling portable generators. This includes the EU22001, EU2200i Companion Super Quiet Series, Deluxe Series EM5000, and Deluxe Series EU6500 series generators. As you shop around for the best generator, you may want to consider app-control. It offers practical conveniences for control and monitoring.

Honda My Generator App

The Honda My Generator App uses Bluetooth connectivity to let you control and monitor critical operations from your Apple device or Android smartphone. Not only does this make operation more convenient, but it keeps you out of inclement weather while monitoring your generator.

We live in Florida where we deal with hurricane season every year. App control and remote monitoring of generators sounds like a very helpful feature.

Future Expansion

In addition to the models already featuring the My Generator app, Honda plans on upgrading the Super Quiet Series EU7000iS and EU2200i Camo generators later this Fall.

Also, for additional safety, Honda plans to integrate the CO-Minder system across its entire line of generators by the end of the year. This technology detects harmful levels of carbon monoxide in the air and shuts down the generator to keep you and your family safe.

For more information about the Honda Power Equipment My Generator App, or any of the Honda portable generator lineup, click here.

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Chris M

App looks cool, but can’t pair the brand new generator to the phone.
Tried many times, including uninstalling the app twice.
New phone too (S20 ultra). No troubleshooting guide a ailable, because the app must be installed and running first.


Recently bought the EU2200i. So how can a pull start generator be started through bluetooth? Makes absolutely no sense.

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