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Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters

Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters

Klein Redesign Makes Clamp Meters More Functional

“New and Improved” might be the sort of designation that gets overused in marketing speak, but it seems appropriate with the redesigned Klein Digital Clamp Meters. Klein has revamped the line with a focus on improving the accessibility and function of these tools.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Klein CL120, CL220, CL120KIT, Cl320, CL390
  • New rugged design
  • Integrated NCV tester on all meters with audible and visual indicators
  • Test lead holder on side of clamp
  • True RMS (CL220)
  • Improved temperature accuracy
  • Upgraded lantern-style test leads
  • 1.38″ jaw opening
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price Range: $54.97 to $94.99

New Improvements

Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters

The Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters have a beefed-up industrial design that improves the overall durability, appearance, and feel of these measurement tools. This new lineup also features drop protection up to 2 meters. One of our resident electricians is “famous” for dropping tools on the jobsite, so this rating matters.

All of the meters in the lineup now have integrated NCV testers located right in the clamp jaw. Audible alarms and visual indicators alert you to what’s happening with your wiring.

Klein has also improved the test lead holder. It now exists on the side of the clamp for hands-free operation. The test leads themselves now feature a lantern-style design. And, the larger jaw now opens to 1.38″ for better access to the work in front of you.

Klein also improved the temperature accuracy on all of the models in the entry-level digital clamp meter lineup. The CL220 model even features automatically ranging True RMS measurement technology for better accuracy. Of course, all of the meters in this line continue to have auto-range, hold, data hold, and max value settings.

You can pick up the new and improved line of Klein Digital Clamp Meters anywhere Klein tools are sold. The line ranges in price, with the CL120 punching in at around $54.97, and the CL390 coming in less than $100.

For more about the entry-level lineup of Klein Digital Clamp Meters, visit Klein Tools by clicking here.

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David Sherwood

I just took delivery of a Klein CL800, a magnetic hanger, a 10x line splitter, and a 69144 K type temperature probe. A great combination. And a Klein wireless wifi bore scope.

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