Kobalt Storage Cabinets Review

As we head into the teeth of winter, we’re always conscious of the build-up in our garages and/or work shops. The truth is, after a season of maintenance, outdoor projects and home improvement, some organization is almost always in order. If you’ve walked through a Lowe’s Home Improvement warehouse any time in the last several months, you may have come across the new series of Kobalt storage cabinets for garage organization. We already reviewed the Kobalt Steel Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo System and found that to be a solidly built product for the price.

The new Metal Multipurpose Cabinets are part of a larger garage storage system that includes a suite of cabinets, hanging racks and K-rails that let you store, hang, or mount nearly anything you can imagine–in just about any configuration. There’s tons of room inside—plenty, in fact, to store your Kobalt 4-Tool 20V Li-ion Cordless Combo Kit.

We checked out the Kobalt products on a whim because, well, that’s what we do here–and besides, they seem to be a particularly good value on the surface. The staff felt the build quality was above-par for the price, with the cabinets having a lot of steel and a durable powder coat finish. If weight alone is an indicator, the 72-inch storage cabinet requires a dolly to move its 200+ pounds. Features abound as well, with perforated “peg board-style” door interiors and a nice two-point locking security door.

The 14-inch deep wall cabinet we looked at handles 200 pounds and has an adjustable shelf. The larger 72-inch cabinet has three adjustable shelves and a fixed shelf and can be filled to 350 pounds capacity (with more on top). We don’t know what your garage looks like, but that takes care of a lot of tools, cans and miscellaneous gear in our garages.

While there are a lot of products in the line, here is a quick breakdown on what’s available in terms of garage storage cabinets, both base and wall. I would suppose that you can get pretty well-organized for under $1,000, and an entire garage could easily be outfitted for less than $2,000.

kobalt cabinets grid graphic

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