LED Neon Signs and Lights for Your Business

LED Neon Signs and Lights for Your Business

If you operate a retail establishment or you simply want a great way to display your logo, you might be tempted to go with a traditional neon sign or light. These can feature your logo or any other design or text to communicate your company or wares. New LED neon signs and lights offer much improved features to traditional neon signs. We decided to go with a solution from makeneonsign.com to see how it would perform.

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makeneonsign.com LED Neon Sign Features

Above everything else, what we like about the makeneonsign.com LED Neon Signs and Lights is the technology. Since they utilize LED technology, you get to avoid most of the hassles associated with traditional neon. What hassles? Well, neon signs use and require 120VAC and they break easily.

Filled with neon gas, these signs also leak over time, causing them to dim. That means your sign eventually looks less bright. Also, neon signs cost a lot of money. Given how fragile they are, you end up spending a lot of money on something you have to treat with kid gloves.

angled makeneonsign company logo

Every makeneonsign.com LED neon sign includes a hanging kit and it operates off a 12V DC system. A power supply comes with every sign, so if you need to run wiring behind the wall, it’s low voltage and doesn’t require hardwiring to a 120V outlet.

These LED neon signs also, as you may have guessed, weigh significantly less since they can replace the glass tubing with clear plastic.

mounting LED neon sign

Mounting the Sign to Your Wall

To mount these LED neon signs to your wall, makeneonsign.com gives you plastic stand-offs. They have a cap that unscrews. This lets you use a standard screw within that secures the standoff to the wall. Then, you thread the cap through the holes in the acrylic surround, mounting the LED neon sign to the wall. Since the acrylic surround has those mounting holes, the unit itself serves as the template for marking your mounting points.

LED Neon Lights and Signs Technology

Instead of blacking out the non-visible areas with black paint, these LED tubes can stand alone, connected together via small low-voltage wires.

LED neon light wiring

The sheer amount of light output also impressed us. The neon sign we received from makeneonsign.com almost blinded us with its brilliance. We love it!

LED Neon Signs Lights

It looks fantastic on our pallet wall, and we love the way they captured our logo perfectly. A neon sign would have weighed much more, included blacked-out areas, and presented a much more difficult mounting experience.

Controlling LED Neon SIgns and Lights

You can control LED neon lights and signs in a variety of ways. You can, of course, use a switched outlet and have a wall switch to turn your light or sign on and off. Included with our neon sign, however, we received a capacitance on/off switch. This allows for a simple touch to turn our neon logo on and off as needed.

capacitance touch on off button switch

Pricing for makeneonsign.com

You can find pre-made LED neon signs with creative designs starting at $163. Prices go all the way up to more than $1,100 depending on what size and design you choose.

Since the signs use LED technology, you can pick up a single-color sign or purchase one with multiple LED colors. You can also, like us, upload your own design or logo and get a custom quote. In any case, this technology far surpasses neon sign technology and we highly recommend it if you happen to need signage for your office or business.

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