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Manufacturer: Bora Tools

Bora Tools 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router Set PM-6250

BORA Tool 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router PM-6250

Bora Fixed Base Router Flexes a Muscular 3.25 HP Motor Routing is one of the woodworking tasks that’s better than popping bubble wrap. Something about it is just so doggone satifying. If you’re on the hunt to take your routing game to a stronger level, the Bora PM-6250 fixed based router has 3.25 reasons to […]

Bora Speedhorse Vs Speedhorse XT Saw Horses

Bora Speedhorse Vs Speedhorse XT Comparison Reveals An Easy Choice The concept of the Bora Speedhorse makes getting set up an absolute breeze. Beyond speed, there are some great features that make using them easier than other models. You may have noticed that there are now two versions to choose from. In this article, we’re […]

Bora Speedhorse

Bora Speedhorse 1500-Pound Capacity Sawhorse PM-4500

Bora Speedhorse Features Easy Setup, Holds 1500 Pounds The Bora Speedhorse from Portamate looks like a great option out of the box, but our Pros had a few questions before signing off on them. With plenty of cheap plastic options out there along with the option to just make your own, we’ll see if the PM-4500 […]

Bora NGX Clamp Edge

Bora NGX Clamp Edge Guide System

Bora NGX Clamp Edge Guide System Features Solid Concept with Room for Improvement So you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get more from your circular saw. Using a track system to get accurate cuts is a great way to avoid the expense of a dedicated track saw or table saw. The Bora NGX Clamp […]

Bora MiteriX Angle Measuring And Duplicator Tool application

Bora MiteriX Angle Measuring And Duplicator Tool

Measuring an angle and transferring it to a miter saw is challenging, usually resulting in an imprecise fit and an unsightly gap. But the recently introduced Bora MiteriX angle measuring and duplicator tool strives to change that. The MiteriX accurately measures all inside and outside angles, allowing the craftsman to set miter saws for precise cuts. Furniture […]