BORA Tool 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router PM-6250

Bora Tools 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router Set PM-6250

Bora Fixed Base Router Flexes a Muscular 3.25 HP Motor

Routing is one of the woodworking tasks that’s better than popping bubble wrap. Something about it is just so doggone satisfying. If you’re on the hunt to take your routing game to a stronger level, the Bora PM-6250 fixed based router has 3.25 reasons to take a closer look.

Editor’s Note: Check out our article on How to Use a Router if you want some tips and tricks suitable for both beginners and experts.

Bora Tool PM-6250 Fixed Base Router Performance

Bora Tools 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router Set PM-6250

Of the many types of routers available, Bora does particularly well with fixed base and plunge models. For many serious woodworkers, the first router they pair with a trim router is in the 2 – 2.5 horsepower range. Even those larger routers have their limitations and Bora’s 15-amp 3.25 horsepower motor handles larger bits and hardwoods easier with speeds between 10,000 and 22,000 RPM. Electronic speed control helps maintain the RPMs you select under load, even when you’re using agressive bits in hardwood.


That power was clear as we made a variety of test cuts. From Roman ogee edges to dadoes, you have the power to melt through your routing with more confidence.

One thing to keep an eye on is the shutdown. There’s no electronic brake and the coast down time for the motor takes a bit.

Bora Tool PM-6250 Fixed Base Router Design Notes


Bora 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router

Bora’s 3.25 HP router is a beefy power tool. The motor on it is own weighs 8.7 pounds and adding the fixed base put the package at 12.1 pounds (including the cord).

Changing Bits

Bora 3.25 HP Fixed Base Router

There are collets for 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch shank bits in the package. Installation is straigthforward. Slip the collet in, cone-side down, and thread the collet nut on slightly. Insert the bit you want to use and tighten the nut with the offset wrenches that come in the box.

One nice touch Bora added is overmolded handles on the wrenches. It’s a little thing, but the extra comfort is noticeable compared to others.

Fixed Base Option

Router Base

If you’re using the Bora PM-6200 in your router table or CNC machine, you have all you need in the box. However, there’s a fixed base available for the rest of us. The base is basic but highly functional. Turning the base around the motor raises and lowers the bit and there’s a knob to lock it down once it’s set.

As we expect, there are slots to add a fence, though you need to pick that accessory up separately.

Two polycarbonate bases come with the base—one for standard router bushing sets and one with a 2.5-inch diameter for larger bits.

Additional Features

  • Cast aluminum base
  • Compatible with CNC machines using a 4.2-inch router

Bora Tool Fixed Base Router Price

BORA Tool Fixed Base Router

You can pick up the Bora PM-6250 fixed base router set for $379.99. If you just want the router motor (PM-6200), you can grab it for $279.99. For those of you that already have the motor, Bora’s fixed base (PM-6210) is available for $109.99.

The Bottom Line

Bora’s main goals with this router were to give you outstanding power with a build you can be confident in. They succeeded. While the design might not as complex as some of the competition, the results speak for themselves.


  • Model: Bora Tool PM-6250
  • Motor: 15-amp
  • Horsepower: 3.25 HP
  • No-Load Speed: 10,000-22,000 RPM
  • Electronic Speed Control: Yes
  • Easy Depth Adjustment: Yes

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