October 22, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Festool

Our Festool tool reviews take these woodworking tools and put them into the hands of our Pros. This gives our readers a real-world take that uses and tests the tools as designed. We also reviewed the Festool Hybrid sander line and paired it with the Festool CT 36 E AC CleanTec dust extractor. One of our Pro reviewers spent considerable time with the Festool Domino DF XL 700 joiner as well as the Festool Domino DF500 mortise & tenon joiner. Festool tools are designed to be used as a system. The tools feature a very unique look. Many professional woodworkers in small shops seem to appreciate their well thought-out design and functionality. Overall, while Festool has a limited number of tools, they all share exceptional build quality. Festool Tool Reviews in the Hands of Pro Woodworkers Our professional woodworkers give very precise opinions in our Festool tool reviews below. They provide invaluable feedback which helps Pros make the right purchase decisions for their small shops.

Festool TI 15 Impact Drill Driver Review

The Festool TI 15 +3 Impact/Drill Driver is the latest addition to this premier German manufacturer’s extensive line of portable power tools. A Freudian slip could be expensive line of tools, for in the German language all Festools are furchtbar teuer or frightfully expensive. On exiting the store you can rest assured you have paid […]

Festool Debuts SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

When the little ‘ole Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 was announced we decided to give them a look. The new Festool SysLite LED Worklamp (model KAL 100) includes the lamp, a wall charger, car charger and a carrying bag. It’s simple – or at least it looks simple on the outside… which is just how Festool likes […]

Festool TS 55 R Flush Cut Circular Saw Preview

Festool TS 55 R Flush Cut Circular Saw Preview

Festool has had its popular TS 55 EQ Circular out for quite some time, but a recent scoop of the new tool on a German website told us they are releasing the next update soon. The company revealed a new version of the tool that is tweaked (and perfectly suited for) flush-cutting applications. The new model is the TS 55 R. Festool’s new circular saw has improved handling, and since the blade is now approximately 1/2″ from the edge of the now smooth and flat blade guard, it’s suitable for more applications than ever.

Festool CT dust extractor familyFestool CT dust extractor family

Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex System

When Festool did a European announcement of two new powerful vacuum systems under the name AutoClean AC we perked up. The CLEANTEX CT 26 and Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex, now come with AutoClean, an automatic main filter cleaning system. The filter will never be obstructed and the suction power is therefore optimized at all times. […]

Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System

Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System

Festool is completely redesigning its Systainer system. The changes center around a new way of locking and stacking the storage boxes with a redesigned T-LOC system. The German supplier has redesigned the Systainer so that it will be opened, closed and joined/stacked with a single hand movement. Compared to the existing locking and stacking mechanism, […]

Forrest Manufacturing Festool Plunge Cut Blades

Forrest Manufacturing Festool Plunge Cut Blades

Forrest Manufacturing announced today that the company now offers two of its deluxe Custom WoodWorker I Blades for use on Festool plunge cut circular saws. The blades are designed for professionals who like the specialty capabilities provided by their Custom WoodWorker I blades. Until recently, they were unable to use these high-performance blades on Festool plunge […]