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Manufacturer: Lenox

Review9.8(out of 10)

Lenox Fast Snap Utility Knife Review LXHT10597

Oh, Snap! Lenox Fast Snap Utility Knife Breaks New Ground Most of us that use utility knives frequently can appreciate the convenience of snap-style blades. Breaking them off and finding where the pieces fly off to are challenges we have to deal with, though. The Lenox Fast Snap utility knife deals with these issues in […]

LENOX LAZER CT Thick Metal Blade

LENOX Carbide Tipped Reciprocating Saw Blades

If you’re still using bi-metal blades in your reciprocating saw, it’s time to step up to carbide-tipped blades. With three LENOX CT blade options available for the toughest jobs, well…we’ve crunched the numbers. In our opinion, you’re going to save time and money using LENOX carbide tipped reciprocating saw blades. When you’re cutting metal or […]

Lenox Cast Iron Pipe Wrench

LENOX Cast Iron Pipe Wrenches

LENOX Tools Gets Further Involved In the Hand Tool Game with Cast Iron Pipe Wrench We’ve been taking a look at the most recent line of Lenox hand tool offerings, most of which revolve around the plumbing trade. The Lenox Cast Iron Pipe Wrench doesn’t break from that trend either. It carries a near-identical design […]

Lenox Aluminum Pipe Wrench

LENOX Aluminum Pipe Wrench

It Works Like a Pipe Wrench Should, Just Lighter Than You’d Expect LENOX Tools has added a line of pipe wrenches to their line of hand tool offerings. The LENOX Aluminum Pipe Wrench line sticks to the traditional design that you’ve come to expect with the notable exception of using aluminum as the wrench material. […]

Lenox Ratcheting Pliers

LENOX Quick-Adjust Pliers and Pliers Wrench

LENOX V-Jaw Pliers Adjust Quickly and Easily In certain situations and at particular angles, adjusting your plier jaws can present some difficulty. The LENOX V-Jaw and Parallel Jaw Quick-Adjust Pliers have made fitting your tool to the pipe even simpler with a quick button adjustment. The LENOX Pliers Wrench works great for more delicate materials. […]

Lenox Carbide Hole Saw

LENOX SPEED SLOT Carbide Tipped Hole Saws Review

Long-Lasting Hole Saw Features High-Performance Carbide Tips LENOX SPEED SLOT Carbide Hole Saws easily cut through a variety of common jobsite materials. With the addition of carbide teeth, this hole saw should last up to 50x longer than LENOX Bi-Metal hole saws. We tested them in our shop to see how well they held up […]

Lenox Lazer CT recip saw blade cast iron

New Lenox Carbide Blades, Step Drill Bits, and Hole Saws

This week we attended a media event near Baltimore, Maryland courtesy of Lenox to check out some of their cutting and drilling products up close. Three new products, in particular, filled the docket. These included Lenox Lazer CT & Demo CT carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades, Speed Slot carbide-tipped hole saws, and new Lenox Vari-Bit step […]

LENOX LAZER CT Thick Metal Blade

LENOX LAZER CT Carbide Thick Metal Reciprocating Blade

We’ve been talking a lot about Milwaukee and Diablo when it comes to carbide-tipped blades and many of you asked “what about Lenox?” That’s a fair question, so we brought in the LENOX LAZER CT Carbide Thick Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade to see how well it performs against the guys in red. Before we dive […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Lenox MetalMax Cutoff Wheel Video Review

Lenox MetalMax Cutoff Wheel Video Review

How many times have you been in the middle of cutting angle or tubing, to then have to stop and replace your abrasive cutoff wheel? Hand-raised – I know that I have many times. The Lenox MetalMax cutoff wheel may drastically change the rate at which you make these wheel changes. Lenox claims to get […]

Lenox MetalMax Abrasive Wheels

Lenox MetalMax Abrasive Wheels

Cut off wheels are one of the wonders of the world, or at least of the shop. Whether it’s cutting on a body panel or cutting the head off a fastener, cut off wheels prove their value many times over. The new Lenox MetalMax abrasive wheels are made to perform better and last longer. If […]