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Festool Buys SawStop – Acquisition Announced by SawStop

“Festool Buys SawStop!” That’s what text lit up my phone early Monday afternoon and my mind began to spin. My first thought was to double check the source – you know, there’s all that fake news running around. But sure enough, SawStop’s website carries the press release announcing the acquisition by Festool parent company, TTS […]

SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx Flesh Detection Comparison

SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx Flesh Detection Comparison

We spent a lot of time setting up and performing tests where I put my hand in the spinning blade on both SawStop’s and Bosch’s jobsite safety table saw. We did the same tests for both saw and showed you the results. To say the least, they were illuminating. But those videos on their own […]

Bosch vs Sawstop

Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

With all the excitement about the Bosch ReaXX 1041A table saw, we thought it might be good to compare it against the new SawStop Jobsite table saw. We might even throw in some references to the tried and true Bosch 4100-09 table saw. Having used both saws extensively now, we wanted to make sure our readers could understand the […]

How to Touch a Spinning Saw Blade

How to Touch a Spinning Saw Blade

If you haven’t already seen our other videos where Kenny Koehler puts his hand in a saw blade, you should check those out. Today, we took the SawStop jobsite table saw and put it to the ultimate test. How did we do this? By having Kenny again touch a spinning saw blade with the palm of his […]

Review9.7(out of 10)
SawStop jobsite table saw review

SawStop Jobsite Table Saw Review JSS-120A60

It was during a time when I was shopping for the best portable jobsite table saw that I first read about SawStop technology. Its safety features quickly impressed me as did the build quality of the tool. While I liked the design, I didn’t exactly have the room for a full-size cabinet saw in my little shop. When the SawStop […]

SawStop table saw rip

How I Ended Up Buying a SawStop Table Saw

I have had a fairly long relationship with table saws, and to be honest, they all scare the heck out of me a little. Second to the chainsaw, no other tool seems so aggressive in its attempts to hurt you. The spinning blade is aimed directly at you, and it has the ability to pull things […]

SawStop JSS-MCA blade tool storage

SawStop Table Saw Lawsuit Dismissed

SawStop Lawsuit Accused Corporate Conspiracy The word “conspiracy” is never a pleasant one to hear tossed around about the corporate world, especially when it involves companies you respect in an industry that you love. Recently, and fortunately, a lawsuit was dismissed by the court against virtually all of the major players in the power tool industry. […]

California Power Saw Safety Bill AB 2218 Dies in Senate

California Power Saw Safety Bill AB 2218 Dies in Senate

Last week, the state Senate failed to actually do anything with AB 2218, a rather troublesome yet persistent consumer safety bill that would mandate “injury mitigation technology” on all table saws sold in California. Everyone from unions, to consumer advocates, to 9-fingered shop guys… oh, and of course the company that invented the product, SawStop are […]

Power Tool Institute (PTI) on Table Saw Safety Standards

Power Tool Institute (PTI) on Table Saw Safety Standards

The PTI (Power Tool Institute) is directly addressing the CPSC’s recent Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR). The CPSC seems headed towards recommending table saw safety standards that use technology currently well-patented. This could effectively place the patented SawStop flesh-sensing system in every table saw sold in America. It could also eliminate the entry-level table […]

Bosch Tools Table Saw Lawsuit

Anyone who has used a table saw for any period of time is aware, to some extent at least, of the SawStop table saw and the various legal and patent issues surrounding the existence of a fairly new safety mechanism that promises (and in a large way follows through on) a system to provide unheard of safety with respect to the use of an electric saw. This week, a man who was cut by a miter saw says Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “colluded with its competitors” and lobbied the Consumer Protection Safety Commission to keep “flesh detection and braking technology” from being required on table saws. We beg to differ.