Metabo HPT & Metabo Merge in North America

Metabo HPT and Metabo merge in North America

Koki Holdings America Ltd., Announces a merger of Metabo HPT & Metabo in North America

Ever since Hitachi Power Tools became Metabo HPT we wondered what might come next for both brands. Each possesses impressive battery technology and tools that appeal to professionals. With a recent announcement that Koki Holdings America Ltd., the parent company of both Metabo HPT and Metabo in North America announced a merger of both brands…we might find out eminently soon.

We don’t have much to go on yet. The press release came from Metabo Power Tools North America. In it, they announced that parent company Koki Holdings America Ltd. will merge both organizations into one. The effective date of the merger is December 2022—just 4 months from now.

Additionally, both brands will operate their headquarters, factory service center, and distribution functions out of the Braselton, Georgia facility. That currently serves as the headquarters and home base for Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools).

Why Would Metabo HPT and Metabo Merge in North America?

The announcement claims the merger is designed to support the expansion and continuity of both brands and increase value to partners. Certainly, both brands have tremendous strengths.

With its impressive Metabo HPT MultiVolt system, forward compatibility with larger 36V batteries gives existing Metabo HPT tools additional power and runtime. Metabo HPT MultiVolt batteries use updated 21700 cells for higher power density and greater heat dissipation.

Metabo, on the other hand, formed the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) which currently has their battery technology used across more than 33 brands. Those brands include the likes of Mafell, Collomix, Birchmeier, Eisenblatter, and more. Most CAS brands exist overseas though some distribute products in the United States.

What’s Next?

In short, we have no idea. We don’t yet know if the merger intends to combine battery technology into a single platform. We don’t know if both platforms will continue to operate separately.

We could easily see Metabo HPT extending MultiVolt technology (36V tools with the ability for the batteries to operate their 18V counterparts) to Metabo. We could also see the strength of retaining the excellent (in our experience) Metabo battery technology and bringing that to Metabo HPT tools.

We’ll follow up as we learn more. One thing’s for sure, this might be one of the biggest announcements of the year!

Full Press Release Follows:

BRASELTON, GA. (August 26, 2022) – Koki Holdings America Ltd., today announced a merger of two organizations, Metabo HPT and Metabo Power Tools in North America. Effective December 2022, both brands will operate their headquarters, factory service center and distribution functions from state-of-the-art facility in Braselton, GA, located north of Atlanta. This will support the expansion and continuity of both brands and increase value to our partners.

By integrating operations, both brands will continue to support retailers and end users with world-class power tools for the residential/multifamily construction market and the metal working/industrial markets. This unification will enhance value across the organization, driving new business opportunities for existing Metabo HPT and Metabo customers.

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