Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Review

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer

I’m sure almost all of us have experienced it at some point – using a converted tackle box as an organizer for fasteners, connectors, and other items. I’m guilty. I learned it from my dad, who learned it from his dad, and so on. The problem is that as soon as you tip it over, “organized” is no longer a term you can accurately use for the contents.

With over 80 new tools and accessories at Milwaukee’s media event this year, I have to admit that the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer kind of flew under my radar. In my defense, they were right next to the 46″ Tool Chest and Cabinet. Still, by the time I really started looking at them, I knew I had to get a couple in my hands.

So what did Milwaukee do to alleviate the frustration and make organizing easier? Let’s dive in!

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer 48-22-8030 Key Features

  • Mountable bins
  • Full access when stacked
  • Weather seal
  • No travel bins seals

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer 48-22-8030 Specifications

  • Length: 14″
  • Width: 18″
  • Height: 5″
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Price: $29.49

Getting to Know the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer

It’s really all about features with the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer. It starts with a basic plastic bin. Eight of these plus a pair of double size bins give you the individual storage containers within the organizer. What I love from beginning is that these are deep. I can fit a 1 lb box of fasteners in each, a box of connectors, or even swap it out for a common electrical box.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Bins

As a very handy feature, each bin has been designed to hang from a pair of screws – take it right out of the organizer and hang it next to your work space for easy access. Notches on the top of the bin help you easily mark where you should place the screws.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Screw Holes

Each of these bins on the back two-thirds are seated on indexing squares. Like we saw on the Milwaukee 26″ Work Box top, these squares give each bin a rigid point of contact to prevent sliding around. The small and large bins are also able to be arranged differently should you wish.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Indexing Sqaures

Across the front you’ll find a rib has been added. This improves the durability by adding some rigidity. It also creates a partition to store hand tools, long bolts, or other accessories by removing the bins from that section.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Partition

Once the lid is shut, the no travel seals take over. The seals completely encompass the top of each box ensuring that whatever you put in there won’t take off to hang out with someone else. If only we had the same kind of security for our teenagers…

A weather seal around the perimeter also helps to ensure that your moisture-sensitive fasteners and connectors aren’t ruined if you leave them in the back of your truck.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Weather Seal

The Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer wasn’t designed to be alone. It features side latches to attach a second box to it. Even attached, the boxes can still be opened independently.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer Locked and Open

Putting it All Together

Milwaukee put together a fantastic organizer this time around. My 8-year-old son not-so-subtly mentioned that it would make a great storage container for his Legos since the pieces wouldn’t get mixed up. Hmm… maybe for Christmas. Durability looks to be solid enough. I don’t think it will survive the 1000+ drops that the Work Box did, but it should still take a drop well.

Expect prices to be in the sub-$30 range. Keep your eyes open as we get closer to the holidays though. Milwaukee dropped the price on the Work Box last year, so you may be able to swing a deal on the Jobsite Organizer as well. All things considered, the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer is an excellent storage option from our friends up North.

Just about any pro will be able to make good use of it, particularly those that use washers and small screws or nails frequently. DIYers and homeowners will also appreciate the ability to organize fasteners and parts in a way that will stay organized. Kids and grandkids, it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping… just sayin’.

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