Best Milwaukee LED Headlamp and Hard Hat Light Reviews

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Milwaukee has a robust line of headlamp options, but which one is the best for you? Each one is purpose-built, so take a look through and see what fits the way you work better than the rest.

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Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamps

RedLithium USB Hard Hat Headlamp 2163-21: PTR’s Favorite

With the 2163, Milwaukee targeted a lighter design while still delivering 600 lumens of total output. It has the combination of spot and flood modes we see on several models and adds a literal twist—you can turn the light up to 180° to get a better angle. The light also detaches to make charging easier or to set down as a task light, though it doesn’t have the magnets like 2012R below.

  • Spot/Flood Hybrid: 600 lumens/5 hours
  • Flood High: 400 lumens/9 hours
  • Flood Low: 100 lumens/20 hours
  • Spot High: 400 lumens/9 hours
  • Spot Low: 100 lumens/20 hours
  • Detachable light
  • IP54 rating
  • 2-meter drop rating

Price: $69.99

Milwaukee Bolt RedLithium USB Hard Hat Headlamp 2118-21: The Bolt Hard Hat Specialist

The one light specifically designed for the Bolt system is the Milwaukee 2118 Hard Hat Headlamp. It features a low-profile light with a 70° pivoting head that can produce up to 600 lumens. To keep the profile small, it attaches to its RedLithium USB power source by a wire that mounts on the reverse side of your hard hat. That wire is flexible so it doesn’t block your other Bolt accessory points.

  • Flood High: 600 lumens/4 hours
  • Medium: 400 lumens/8 hours
  • Low: 150 lumens/14 hours
  • Eco: 25 lumens/32 hours
  • Power Source: RedLithium USB battery
  • Compatible with Bolt hard hats
  • 70° pivoting head
  • Cam Lock mounted battery pack
  • Flexible wire routing allows for Bolt accessory functionality
  • IP54 rated for water and dust resistance

Price: $89.99

RedLithium USB Beacon Hard Hat Light 2116: See and Be Seen

Milwaukee’s RedLithium USB Beacon Hard Hat Light is unique in the line thanks to a combination of front and rear lighting. On the front, spot and flood lights create up to 600 total lumens of output. On the rear, red LEDs are visible up to a 1/4-mile away (1320 feet) to help other see you in low or no-light conditions.

  • Hybrid Spot/Flood: 600 lumens/2 hours
  • Flood High: 400 lumens/4 hours
  • Spot High: 400 lumens/4 hours
  • Flood Medium: 200 lumens/8 hours
  • Flood Low: 25 lumens/20 hours
  • Spot Throw: 125 meters
  • Beacon Rear Safety Light: 30+ hours
  • Power Source: RedLithium USB battery
  • Steady and blinking modes for the rear Beacon light
  • Up to 1/4 mile visibility
  • IP54 rated for water and dust resistance
  • 2-meter drop tested

Price: $99.99

Milwaukee RedLithium USB Low-Profile Headlamp 2115-21: The Compact Choice

The Milwaukee 2115 has a slimmer profile than the other lights in the line—just 1 inch thick. The idea is to keep your field of view as open as possible by minimizing the obstruction coming from the light’s physical dimensions. To keep the light housing compact, the RedLithium USB power source sits on the back and connects with a wire that runs along the strap. It has an impressive output for its size, hitting 600 lumens with a wide flood beam.

  • High: 600 lumens/2 hours
  • Medium: 350 lumens/6 hours
  • Low: 125 lumens/10 hours
  • Eco: 25 lumens/27 hours
  • Sweat-absorbing microfiber strap
  • IP54 rating
  • 2-meter drop test rating

Price: $69.99

RedLithium USB Hard Hat Headlamp 2111-21: Entry-Level Spot/Flood Combo

Milwaukee’s 2111 headlamp has a combination of flood and spot modes that can produce up to 450 lumens and has 5 operating modes. The head pivots to 7 positions to get the angle you need for the job at hand.

  • Spot/Flood: 475 lumens/2 hours
  • Flood High: 300 lumens/4.5 hours
  • Flood Medium: 150 lumens/8.5 hours
  • Flood Low: 25 lumens/31 hours
  • Spot High: 300 lumens/4 hours
  • Power Source: RedLithium USB battery
  • 7-position head
  • Rear cam lock mounted battery pack
  • IP54 rating

Price: $74.99

Rechargeable Magnetic Headlamp and Task Light 2012R: Best Rechargeable Value

This headlamp isn’t part of the RedLithium USB system, but it is rechargeable with a built-in battery. It puts out up to 450 lumens and is detachable. Behind the light there are magnets, so you can easily attach it to any steel you’re working around to get a better angle on things.

  • Hybrid Spot/Flood: 450 lumens/2.5 hours
  • Spot High: 250 lumens/4 hours
  • Spot Low: 50 lumens/8 hours
  • Flood High: 250 lumens/4 hours
  • Flood Low: 50 lumens/8 hours
  • Power Source: Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Detachable magnetic light
  • 5-position tilt
  • 2-meter drop rating
  • IP54 rating

Price: $59.99

Milwaukee AAA-Powered Headlamps

Milwaukee Intrinsically Safe Headlamp 2004HZL: Hazardous Area Specialist

If you work in certain environments, intrinsically safe lighting is a requirement. Milwaukee 2004HZL is brighter than other IS headlamp options with 310 lumens and a throw of 100 meters. There are markings on the light housing and strap that make it easily identifiable as intrinsically safe, plus the bright green coloring sets it apart from other Milwaukee headlamps. For those of you who know the certifications, this light carries Class I, II, and III/Division 1 ratings.

  • Spot/Flood Hybrid: 310 lumens/4 hours
  • Spot: 155 lumens/8 hours
  • High Flood: 235 lumens/6 hours
  • Medium Flood: 155 lumens/10 hours
  • Low Flood: 25 lumens/40 hours
  • Throw Distance: up to 100 meters
  • Power Source: 3 AAA batteries
  • 69kV rating
  • 7-position tilting head
  • Includes nylon strap for bare head use and rubber strap for hard hat use
  • IP64 rating
  • 9-foot drop rating

Price: $79.99

Spot/Flood Headlamp 2104: Best Value for Non-Rechargeable Models

Stepping up a notch in function, Milwaukee’s 2104 headlamp has spot and flood modes with an increase in output to 450 lumens. The LEDs have five different modes to work with and spot mode reaches out up to 100 meters. Like the 2103, this model is bare-head friendly with a sweat-absorbing microfiber headband.

  • Spot/Flood Hybrid: 450 lumens/2 hours
  • Spot High: 350 lumens/4 hours
  • High Flood: 350 lumens/4 hours
  • Medium Flood: 150 lumens/10 hours
  • Low Flood: 25 lumens/25 hours
  • Power Source: 3 AAA batteries
  • Up to 100-meter throw distance
  • 7-position tilt
  • IP54 rating
  • 2-meter drop rating

Price: $29.97

Milwaukee Headlamp 2103: Just the Basics

The most basic of headlamps in Milwaukee’s lineup is the 2103. It has a single mode that produces 350 lumens in a wide flood beam pattern. The light has 7 tilting positions and sits on a washable sweat-absorbing microfiber strap that’s comfortable on your bare head.

  • 350 lumens/28 hours
  • Power Source: 3 AAA batteries
  • 7-position tilt
  • IP54 rating

Price: $34.99

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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