Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Drill – MXF301-1CP

Milwaukee Core Drill MXF301-1CP

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Drill tackles up to 6-inch holes in reinforced concrete. Since the CP203 battery recharges in just 45 minutes, it’s conceivable to get all-day use from this cordless tool. That, plus the integrated safety features, could potentially shake up the industry. It’s hard to tell which is the more impressive tool—this or the Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker.

Safety First with the Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Drill

Like most of the Milwaukee MX Fuel equipment, this core drill includes a brushless motor and Redlink Plus technology. Milwaukee used that to integrate some important safety features into this new core drill. For example, an integrated clutch all but eliminates kickback events.

MX FUEL core drill ladder

Nothing illustrates this feature better than getting up on an 8-foot ladder to drill a hole. We saw this up close at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS Media Event. Typically, core drilling on a ladder presents a potential safety issue. With the electronic clutch, however, the tool eliminates kickback. Additionally, the clutch and Autostop protect both the bits as well as the user.

Keeping It Level While Drilling

An integrated digital level keeps you drilling straight using four directional LED arrows. This takes the hassle out of making an accurate core in walls. Again, it’s particularly helpful when standing atop a ladder.

Milwaukee MX core drill MXF301-1CP water

Similarly, a 5-LED performance gauge tells you how hard you’re running the tool’s brushless motor. If you light up too many LEDs (crossing the visible threshold) you can pull back a bit. This lets the tool and core bit work smarter and extends run-time on the battery and tool.

Milwaukee MX FUEL core drill MXF301-1CP

What Do Pros Say About the MX FUEL Core Drill?

Pros used the tool, among other things, to drill 6-inch holes in 14-inch thick concrete. That represents entirely new territory for cordless equipment technology. Several tradesmen commented that they felt it had as much power as any similarly-classed corded core drill on the market.

Perfect for the mechanical industry, this tool represents a fundamental change for portable core drilling. Many loved the clutch and how it let you work more safely and confidently. Many of these guys have experienced core drills binding up, so having one that doesn’t hit you in the face makes fora welcome improvement! Several mentioned how it facilitated drilling holes while standing on an 8-foot ladder. Others described the tool as lightweight and loved that it doesn’t require you to drag out a cord on the job site.

What About Using a Drill Stand?

The MX FUEL Core Drill system also has an optional compact core drill stand that works for both wall and floor drilling. It lets you anchor the core drill when tackling larger holes that require a precise and level path. The mount features depth controls as well as level vials for accurately setting the core drill. Combined with the Milwaukee Switch Tank, you can get this cordless tool up and running on the job site quickly.

MX Fuel Handheld Core Drill Features

  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Max recommended drill diameter: 6-inches
  • Spindle: 1-1/4″-7
  • Electronic anti-kickback clutch
  • Autostop™ function
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Overload indicator
  • Onboard 4-arrow LED Level
  • Integrated water feed
  • Lock-off switch
  • Optional wall/floor mount w/depth and level controls
  • Price: $2,649 (kit w/CP203 battery and charger)

Milwaukee Compact Core Drill Stand Features

  • Measurement markings along mast
  • Bit center pointer
  • Onboard MX FUEL battery storage
  • Tool-free: removable wheels and carrier
  • Tool-free angle adjustment
  • Vacuum connection coupler
  • Vacuum pressure gauge on base
  • Quick-connect feed handle
  • Price: $1,499

You can also purchase the entire system including the handheld core drill, two CP203 batteries, charger, and compact stand for $3,999.

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