Bosch 12V Cross Line Laser Video

Bosch 12V Cross Line Laser

I have a Bosch cross line laser that I turn to frequently. It’s the easiest and most versatile one in our arsenal. However, in this day and age, there are a couple of glaring areas it falls short. For one, it’s red. And everyone that knows lasers knows green is where it’s at. Two, it runs on AA batteries and the last time I checked, Bosch has a pretty solid battery platform. It might be time to offer my laser to an apprentice because the new Bosch 12V cross line laser is going to move our German friends up in this sector.

Three new models are coming out. The flagship model is the Bosch GLL3-330CG. It’s a connected model with Bluetooth, a green beam (3 of them, actually), and 12V lithium-ion battery power source. You can step down to a red laser model or to a AA-powered model, depending on your needs and budget.

Bosch 12V Cross Line Laser Highlights

  • Three 360° green diodes offer two vertical and one horizontal beam with outstanding visibility
  • Bosch VisiMax technology manages battery usage and diode temperature
  • 12V battery power supply offers rechargeable convenience with long runtime
  • Bluetooth connectivity integrates remote controls with Bosch Leveling Remote App

Check out all the highlights from Bosch at World of Concrete here!



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