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Best Nails for Pressure Treated Lumber

Depending on the type of pressure treating the wood was subject to, knowing the best nails for pressure treated lumber will help your project endure a long time. Using the right fasteners in pressure treated wood is critical if you want the screws or nails to hold and not be eaten away by the harsh chemicals within. The first rule is: Never use common or bright finished nails. These types of nails don’t have any protective coatings on them. You also never want to use sheet rock type screws or steel screws without any plating or coatings on them.


Stainless steel is almost always a safe bet, but stainless steel fasteners are typically soft (and thus easily strippable), and they are some of the most costly on the market. For most applications, however, best nails for pressure treated lumber are either hot dipped galvanized nails and bolts. For screws we recommend using ones that have a protective coating that is designed for use with pressure treated lumber. one example would be Outlaw fasteners.

Always verify the type of pressure treated lumber you are purchasing (there are several different types depending where in the country you are located) and verify that the fasteners you choose are compatible. The fastener packaging should list suggested uses.


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