Paslode Rebreather Adapter Offers Endless Air for Pneumatic Nailers

Paslode Rebreather Adapter

Answering a call for extended runtime without gas or compressors, Paslode introduces its Rebreather Adaptor for its line of pneumatic nailers. The Paslode Rebreather Adapter uses a cyclonic piston-based compression system to compress air at up to an 18:1 ratio. You simply blow into the unit twice, giving you enough power to drive 2 sticks of nails at 90 PSI.

“The ‘Rebreather’ is the next evolution of Pneumatic nailer technology. We don’t want to replace the compressor. We want to ensure framers and roofing contractors have a solution when working far away from utility power.”

– Hei Auchwalung, product manager

NOTE: This was an April Fool’s post from 2019

The system integrates a stainless steel tank and precision-machined piston. The Paslode Rebreather takes in air through the silicone mouthpiece and multiplies the volume through a process called fausse luft. The air cycles through a fixed gear accelerator before recompressing the fixed nitrogen mini-tank. The process works due to the efficiency of the internal compressor. Using just two puffs of air, you can repressurize the internal nitrogen tank. It has enough air within to drive two sticks of 3-inch long framing nails.

The first Paslode Rebreather will go on sale this week for $877 and includes the nailer, tank, silicone feeder tube, one mouthpiece, and hyperventilation warning kit.

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