Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System Review

Reemco Vulcan home pyro kit
PTR Review
  • Features 10.0
  • Build Quality 10.0
  • Versatility 10.0
  • Wow! Factor 10.0
  • Flexibility 10.0
  • Safety 0.1

Clearly the Reemco Vulcan home pyro kit is a tool that has so many uses, it's hard to imagine not having it around the house or with you at the job site.

Overall Score 8.3 (out of 10)

We got our hands on the Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System this week. We had a lot of fun testing its features. This is a true multipurpose tool that handles anything from starting your gas grill, to removing wallpaper. It also works well for pest control or even emergency lighting. The Reemco Vulcan is one of those tools that’s hard to pin down—so varied are its uses. It differs from a traditional butane torch because it actually works with an abundance of fuel sources. You can power it with aftermarket aerosols and even propane. Indeed, the tip is reminiscent of a camping stove ignition source, fed by a bilinear polypropylene tube. It’s not only impervious to rust, but it can also withstand switching from one chemical ignition source to another without breaking down.

NOTE: This was an April Fool’s post from 2015

About the only issue we have with the Vulcan is its steep learning curve. While it only has one control, the handling takes a bit of finesse and experience to use it proficiently.

Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System Features

Reemco Vulcan adoptionIf you look at the features of the Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System you quickly begin to understand why you might want this tool for your own use. The key component is the Vulcan torch. Basically, you get a hybrid brass and magnesium-based nozzle that takes the propellant from the pressurized canister and maximizes the output. Before it exits the Vulcan, however, you can adjust the trim knob to control the throw range of the flame. For pest control, you almost always want the long-throw “spray” mode (fully clockwise). For high-intensity flames, firestarting, or soldering set the trim all the way down (counterclockwise).

This is a new tool for sure, but it’s seeing quick adoption and approval for use in the U.S. This is a comforting indication that Reemco may be a fresh new company that could change the way you use tools forever…or get us all sued—we’re not sure which.

Reemco Vulcan spray dial

Build Quality

The Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System comes with an additional stainless steel pressurized canister that’s preloaded with enough compressed hydrogen to give a continuous flame for over 6 hours. That means that when the Reemco Vulcan is being used for mood lighting or simply to light your patio, it will run even longer than a Ryobi One+ Hybrid Work Light. Reemco also includes a carry strap, so you can tote the Vulcan Home Pyro System along with you anywhere without having to worry about how to store it.

While some people think hydrogen is a dangerous gas, the truth is that—when properly controlled and contained—it’s actually quite safe. Reemco assures us that their QC program pressure tests each and every canister before shipping. I especially liked the warning label which warned not to store it next to anything made of copper, steel, wood, cement, or rubber to avoid a potential chemical reaction.

Who Would Use This?

If that were enough, we could recommend the Reemco for nearly everyone. Ir works as a super flammable solution for lighting, pest control, soldering, and more. They also started including an aerosol adapter in their base kit. The Reemco aerosol adapter takes the Vulcan to a whole new level. While the disposable hydrogen canisters are clearly the longest-lasting and hottest-burning solutions for the Home Pyro System, you can also use the aerosol adapter to connect the head to any household flammable aerosol can you may have in your home.

How’s THAT for flexibility? While it’s true that high fluorocarbons do burn better than the chintzy stuff they force us to use today, you can still get a ton of use out of such items as WD-40, steel polisher, and yes, even hairspray. The possibilities are endless—literally!

In the Field

We used the Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro Kit in a ton of different applications. Our favorite was providing some warmth for the stray neighborhood cats who were looking for a place to hole up for the night. By placing a single Vulcan on our front porch and leaving it on its lowest setting, the hours and hours of yowling cats stopped almost overnight. Suddenly we had provided a place for them to get nice and toasty. Apparently, some of our neighbors have Vulcans as well since there seems to be a lot less cats around here lately. In any case, the run-time on the flame is really impressive.

Reemco Vulcan pest control

Pest control was also greatly improved with the Vulcan, and I was able to kill a wasps nest on the 14′ roof peak of my neighbor’s house while standing on the ground. While I did this, my elderly neighbor literally jumped up and down, waving her arms and cheering me from her kitchen window. Who knows how long she’s had to stare at that dangerous nest! Note that this type of use is only possible with the included pressurized canisters. You’re just not going to get flames that long off a bottle of hairspray! You can purchase replacement bottles from Reemco for around $9.95/canister—it’s well worth the extra investment. Keep in mind that Reemco has to have these truck-freighted as hydrogen cannot be shipped via air due to its volatility—so plan ahead!

Camping Ignition Source

We also took the Reemco Vulcan camping with the family. Starting fires was a breeze! And when the grill died right in the middle of dinner, I was able to use the Reemco Vulcan to cook our burgers directly, right on the grill! It’s also great at scaring raccoons, and it would most certainly be a great bear deterrent. When I go hunting, I now use the included carry strap to sling it over my shoulder. You just never know when you’re going to want to lay down a bit of cover fire or strike a camp.

Vulcan cooking burgers


Clearly, the Reemco Vulcan home pyro kit is a tool that has so many uses. It’s hard to imagine not having it around the house or with you at the job site. It’s our new favorite go-to tool that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who uses it. The look of wonder on the faces around me every time I turn it on tells me that this is an impressive tool. It should see wide acceptance in the industry. Reemco tells us they’re still waiting on FDA, EPS, and USDA approval. For now, however, it can be purchased by anyone with a Type 1 through Type 3 firearms license.

For more information, please check out the order form for yourself.

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