Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG

Porter-Cable PC1500HG heat gun

Heat guns aren’t exactly the most exciting tool, but Porter-Cable is doing its level best to make sure their heat guns are at least capable and fully equipped to tackle even the most difficult jobs. The Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG has a dual fan speed selector that delivers high and low fan speed settings, so you can dial in exactly the amount of heat you need. That’s tons better than just varying the distance to your object. Not content to stop there, Porter-Cable added a variable temperature control dial allows for easy adjustment of temperatures. Combining the two features leads to excellent temperature control.

Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG Features

Now, just for fun, and so that you get a proper perspective of why this is even news, take a look at Porter-Cable’s LAST heat gun, the 1700:

Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG
The Porter-Cable 1700 Heat Gun: Seriously? That’s not a heat gun… that’s a hairdryer for Dolly Parton

That’s not a corded tool, it’s a hairdryer on steroids. Now, the new heat gun, the PC1500HG, looks more like a real tool. It’s ergonomic, and the coloring matches what you would expect from the Porter-Cable line-up. It also has convenience features like an integrated hands-free support stand to allows the gun to sit upright for hands-free use, and an integrated hanging hook for storage and temporary support while working on a ladder or other location where you need to free up a hand. The tool is also a half-pound lighter, weighing in at just 2 lbs., so it’s much less fatiguing to use.

Power Enough

A 1500 watt motor delivers high heat and multiple fan settings to dial in exactly what you need. Gone are the days of pulling back the gun to get the right heat or having to wave it over the surface at ever-increasing speeds to avoid a burn. Now you can get much closer to the mark.

PORTER-CABLE HEAT GUN PC1500HG dual mode switch

A 6-foot high-grade power cord improves flexibility during cold use and makes sure the unit can draw all of the current it needs to operate. Your problems will occur at the breaker panel, not the tool.

Overall, we like the Porter-Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG. It’s new, it fits the niche market well and, at around $34, seems to be a decent value.

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