Ryobi 4V Cordless Taser

RYOBI 4V cordless taser

In a shocking move that is sure to make their competitors’ hair stand on end, power tool company Ryobi has announced their latest product—a 4V lithium-ion battery-powered cordless taser.

The handheld ZapMaster is perfect for self-defense, home security, and even light yard work. “We know that our customers are looking for versatile tools they can use for a variety of tasks,” said Ryobi spokesperson, John Galvanic. “The ZapMaster fits the bill perfectly.”

The Ryobi cordless taser can deliver a powerful electric shock to stun even the largest of attackers. It also comes equipped with a built-in LED flashlight and two USB-C charging ports for added convenience. “It’s like having a mini stun gun in your pocket,” said Galvanic. “And the best part is, you can recharge it just like any other Ryobi battery-powered tool.”

Ryobi ZAPmaster 4V taser

The Ryobi ZapMaster has already received some early criticism, with some experts questioning the safety and legality of a handheld cordless taser. “It’s a slippery slope when power tool companies start branching out into self-defense products,” said legal analyst, Kate Volt. “There are serious liability and legal issues that need to be considered.”

Despite the concerns, Ryobi remains bullish about the ZapMaster’s prospects. “We think it’s going to be a real shock to the industry,” said Galvanic. “Pun intended.”

The ZapMaster hits stores later this year with several models targeting both consumers and professionals. The entry-level model carries a suggested retail price starting at $229.99. Whether it catches on with consumers remains to be seen. One thing is for sure—Ryobi is certainly charging up the competition with their latest invention.

For more information about the Ryobi 4V cordless taser, click here.

Post April Fools Note: It’s not every day that we receive feedback from a manufacturer regarding one of our annual “prank posts”, but this year we did. Axon Enterprise, Inc. (formerly TASER International, Inc.) sent one of the nicest, most complimentary emails we’ve received in recent memory regarding improper use of a term or trademark.

In response, we wanted to honor them by communicating some of what they wrote us. First and foremost—as MANY of our readers pointed out—the above fictional device is most definitely NOT a Taser. In fact, the mechanism is entirely incorrect, making it more of a stun gun.

Axon correctly pointed out the rampant brand confusion surrounding the word TASER (similar to what we see with the Milwaukee SawZall and the Speedsquare). For those interested, “TASER” is a trademark and brand of energy weapons owned by Axon and not a type of weapon, nor the generic word for a stun gun or other stun device. (It’s also not a verb, as in “Don’t tase me, bro!“)

The company got its start in 1993 when Axon founder Rick Smith launched the first TASER device, the Air TASER. Along with the product came a mission: to Protect Life by making the bullet obsolete. In the ensuing decades, Axon has released over twenty models of its TASER-brand energy weapons in the US and across the globe. Their newest model, the TASER 10, was just announced and released in January. Used primarily by law enforcement and security around the world, by one estimate, TASER energy weapons have been used to save more than 280,000 lives.

Axon actually prefers that its TASER-brand devices are generically referred to as “energy weapons.” Learn more about the Taser brand here.

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