Ryobi P4510 Power Scrubber Review

Ryobi 18V Cordless Handheld Power Scrubber

Ryobi Power Brush Presents a Preferable Alternative to Hand Scrubbing and Elbow Grease

For such a seemingly simple tool, the Ryobi P4510 Power Scrubber has made a pretty big impression around our office. See, we have a ton of things that could use an old-fashioned scrub-down, but who has the time? With various Ryobi Power Scrubbers, we’ve been able to take the time to get some cleaning done because it really hasn’t taken that much at all.


  • Dedicated tool optimized for scrubbing applications
  • Lock-on button
  • Tool-less disc change system still feels tight and secure
  • IPX7 rating makes it impervious to wet conditions


  • Waterproof battery casing only closes when using 4.0Ah batteries or smaller


Ryobi claims the Power Scrubber is the industry’s most powerful handheld scrubber available. While we can’t confirm or deny that claim, they’re likely not embellishing. There doesn’t seem to be too many similar products like this available. In fact, prior to the Power Scrubber’s release, when we wanted to “work smarter, not harder,” we might’ve used a brush attachment in our drills.

Ryobi P4510 Power Scrubber

The concept for this tool actually feels kind of brilliant—and it gets the job done quickly. With loading a brush into a standard drill you have to be careful with your speed. Drills provide way more power than you actually need, and it’s easy to damage the brush or the work surface if you’re not careful.

A Dedicated Power Scrubber

And herein lies the beauty of a dedicated tool. The Ryobi P4510 Power Scrubber maxes out at 210 RPM. It has the speed to get the job done quickly without shredding your brushes or damaging more delicate surfaces.

Ryobi Power Scrubber

And, speaking of brushes, Ryobi has an entire collection of brushes designed for the Power Scrubber lineup. We used the 6″ medium stiffness brush that came with the unit, but Ryobi offers various diameters in options ranging from light stiffness to heavy stiffness.

These Ryobi Power Scrubber brushes have a unique triangle connector that doesn’t require any tools. Simply slide the brush over the triangle mount and twist. The brush locks down tight into the tool.

Ryobi P4510

Further, the Ryobi Power Scrubber is designed to get wet. It features a protective case that holds the battery, effectively sealing it away from moisture. It features an IPX7 rating, and while you probably wouldn’t ever need to, the rating indicates you could keep your scrubber submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

protective IPX7 battery case

Our only real gripe with this tool revolves around this case. You’ll be fine if you stick to 4.0Ah or smaller batteries. Don’t plan on using the higher capacity batteries in the Ryobi line, however. The case isn’t deep enough to fit back over the top of these bigger batteries. They’ll still power the scrubber, but the case will dangle awkwardly. At this point, you’ve lost any water protection.

Better Than a Drill

Not only does the Ryobi Power Scrubber have the more appropriate top-end for potentially delicate cleaning work, but it also forgoes the typical power drill fare of multiple speed and clutch settings.

Instead, it has a push-button trigger that locks the power scrubber into the “On” position. That’s it. No frills or extra bells and whistles will get in the way of your scrubbing work.

The handle features a comfortable rubber overmold that maintains its grip even when wet. At 2.7 lbs, it also seems unlikely that the Ryobi Power Scrubber will fatigue you over its 2-hour runtime (when coupled with the 4.0Ah battery).

Ryobi P4510 Pricing

You can pick up the Ryobi P4510 Power Scrubber for $69 at your local Home Depot or online. It’s only available as a bare tool, unfortunately.

Like the rest of the Ryobi One+ tool lineup, the power scrubber comes with a 3-year warranty.


You wouldn’t think a powered brush would have such an easy time winning our affections, but the Ryobi Power Scrubber might surprise you as it did us. We used it in the bathroom to blast soap scum to oblivion, and we got our wheels sparkling without actually having to scrub. We wish the battery case worked with the larger batteries in the lineup, but since we have a few 4.0Ah batteries lying around, this wasn’t the end of the world for us. At the end of the day, the Ryobi P4510 took all the hassle out of what would otherwise be some tedious scrubbing.

Ryobi Power Scrubber Specs

  • Model: Ryobi P4510
  • Speed: 0-210 RPM
  • Water Ingress: IPX7
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Price: $69 (bare tool)

For more information about the Ryobi Power Scrubber, click here.

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