Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender

Continuing on with their line of conduit benders, the Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000 adds another option to an already robust collection of benders. Currently shipping from the Southwire facility in Carrollton, GA, the Bendmax BML 2000 is available now from Southwire retailers.

For those of you familiar with Southwire’s power benders, the BML2000 offers a compact, streamlined, entry-level alternative to Southwire’s Bendmax PB2000, but with the same quality bend. It comes equipped with the features to get your electrical work done, but packed into a more portable package.

Bend It Like Bender

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender

Many of you might be familiar with Bender D. Bending Rodríguez from the hit show, Futurama. In the show, Bender operates as an autonomous, self-aggrandizing, alcoholic, fire-belching, bending robot in the future. Fortunately, the Southwire Compact Power Bender will do the job without the incessant swearing, alcohol consumption, or potential for wiping out humanity.

Aside from the capability of bending 3/4″ – 2″ EMT, IMC, and GRC conduit, the Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender comes packed with other features that won’t threaten humanity. It features a large analog protractor and large positive switches for fast and accurate bends. A double-sided shoe allows for bending EMT and IMC/GRC conduit. Southwire constructed the Bendmax BML2000 with an industrial-grade DC drive and electrical components. It also has a two position hand pendant, and an adjustable squeeze setting ensures wrinkle-free bends in your conduit.

In addition, this bending unit comes mounted onto a push cart featuring durable locking casters. The units ships completely assembled, and with its smaller, compact size, the Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender can be maneuvered easily around jobsites.

Final Thoughts

The Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender has all the features needed to bend various types of conduit. Because of its compact frame and push cart mounting, it can move easily between the shop and the jobsite. It looks to be very similar to the Southwire PB2000, but without some of the bells and whistles, and with a price point around $1,100 less than the more robust model. All things considered, this unit promises all the potential for power bending, but unlike Bender from Futurama, it can do it without the risk of becoming self-aware and drinking all your booze.

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender Features

  • Bends 3/4″-2″ EMT, IMC and GRC Conduit
  • Double Sided Shoe for EMT and IMC/GRC Conduit
  • Large Analog Protractor for Accurate Bends
  • Push Cart Mounted Platform
  • Industrial-Grade DC Drive and Electrical Components
  • Adjustable Squeeze Setting for Wrinkle Free Bends on EMT/IMC Conduit
  • Durable Locking Casters
  • Fits Through Finished 30″ Door Frames
  • Durable Two Position Hand Pendant
  • Completely Assembled, No Gang Boxes to Deal with

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender SpecsSouthwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender

  • Model Number: BML2000
  • Stock Number: 64601201
  • Capacity: 3/4″ – 2″ EMT, IMC and GRC Conduit
  • Height: 42.94″
  • Width: 27.125″
  • Depth: 29.625″
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Price: $7912

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