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conduit bending

Southwire Bender

Southwire Conduit Bender Review

Southwire Conduit Bender Becomes Our Electrician’s Go-To Bender The Southwire conduit bender series are built-to-last tools with a couple of features you won’t find on every competitor. I’ve been installing conduit on a big job recently and my review of the Southwire MCB1 is just around the bend. PROS Easy-to-see cast bender markings on both sides […]

Southwire BENDdolly

Southwire BendDolly Conduit Bending Platform

The Southwire BendDolly Conduit Bending Platform extends the Southwire line of conduit bending options even further, this time with a lightweight solution. Designed to work by itself, or in conjunction with the company’s pre-existing BendStation, this Chicago-style bender utilizes interchangeable bending shoe heads to accommodate various conduit sizes and materials. Portable and Customizable Bending Through […]

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender

The Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000

Continuing on with their line of conduit benders, the Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000 adds another option to an already robust collection of benders. Currently shipping from the Southwire facility in Carrollton, GA, the Bendmax BML 2000 is available now from Southwire retailers. For those of you familiar with Southwire’s power benders, the BML2000 offers […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Klein conduit bending

Klein Conduit Benders Review

We recently built a steel building with an I-beam structure. When you’re dealing with steel building electrical conduit & lighting, you find that pipe bending is a major part of the work. Needless to say (but we will anyway), we ran a lot of conduit. And we didn’t just have the vertical-to-ceiling conduit transitions to deal with. We also needed to […]

Southwire RB1000 Bendstation use

Southwire RB1000 Bendstation Pro Rigid Workstation

The Southwire RB1000 Bendstation Pro Rigid Workstation is a mobile bending platform used for bending and working with rigid and IMC conduit in 3/4″ and 1″ trade sizes. This non-powered tool utilizes a ratcheting shoe with sufficient leverage for an average-sized operator to easily bend conduit. The Southwire Bendstation unit is mounted to a workstation allowing for an […]