Spyder Fine-Finish 7-1/4-inch Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades Clean Up

Spyder Tarantula 40-tooth and 60-tooth ultra-fine finish saw blades deliver more options beyond simple framing saw blades. They also added nickel-cobalt teeth, claiming 6 times longer life over conventional carbide saw blades.

10-Second Summary

  • Spyder 7-1/4″ Tarantula fine-finish circular saw blades in 40T and 60T
  • Nickel cobalt teeth deliver 6X life over carbide
  • Antifriction coating
  • Polymer-filled stabilization vents
  • Available at Lowe’s
  • Price: $14.98 (40-tooth), $21.98 (60-tooth)

Spyder Tarantula Saw Blades Features

With 40- and 60-tooth blades joining the lineup of Spyder fine-finish saw blades, you now have better solutions for cutting hardwoods. Even the best circular saw needs a decent blade to perform well. When cutting oak, cherry, heart pine, and other harder materials, having a good fine finish blade makes all the difference.

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

To help out with the clean finish, the Spyder Tarantula fine-finish blades feature an antifriction coating that enables smoother cuts with less binding. Polymer-filled stabilization vents also minimize vibrations, heat warping, and noise. Often, you can test the vibration reduction of a saw blade simply by holding it in the middle and striking it with a small metal object. If it rings loudly, the vibration likely won’t do much. If it dulls the hit then you have something that effectively deadens the blade vibration.

Nickel-Cobalt Teeth

The teeth on these saw blades feature a nickel-cobalt blend. As we’ve seen, some of the best drill bits for metal use a similar combination to reduce heat and add cutting strength. Spyder claims their blades should outlast the more conventional carbide-tooth saw blades by up to 6 times. That makes for a bold claim and one we look forward to testing for ourselves in the shop.

You can pick up the Spyder Tarantula 7-1/4″ fine-finish circular saw blades exclusively at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store, or online at Lowes.com. The 40-tooth model retails for $14.98, while the 60-tooth ultra-fine-finish blade prices out at $21.98.

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