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Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits

Mach-Blue Plating Strengthens Spyder Driver Bits

Whether you’re a Pro or a DIYer, you want your tools to last as long as possible. On the other hand, you expect to replace consumable accessories. With Spyder Mach-Blue driver bits, Spyder promises to lessen breakage so you’re spending less on replacements.

Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits: The Big Deal

As we observed with the Spyder Mach-Blue drill bits their driver bits include a Mach-Blue Armor Plating. Spyder describes this as a super hard surface plating that retains sharper cutting edges. It also reduces heat build-up and cutting friction. That should deliver longer life over other types of drill bits made out of traditional materials like titanium. In fact, Spyder tells us that these bits last up to 70 times longer than standard impact-rated driver bits.

Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits

The bits also use the Mach-Blue armor plating to provide corrosion protection and wear resistance. Alloy tool steel torsion zones actively flex to resist cam-out, twisting, and breaking while in use. We’ve seen this with products like Milwaukee Shockwave bits and Makita Impact XPS bits. The 1/4-inch hex shank makes these fully compatible with high-torque impact drivers, as well as cordless drills.

Two kit sizes are available for these bits. The 25-piece kit includes Phillips, slotted, star, and square bits. There is also a 30-piece kit that includes additional sizes and even a couple of nut drivers. A magnetic bit holder comes in each kit, and both kits include a hard case with rubber slip-resistant corners.

Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits

Additional Features

  • Precision-fitting tips
  • Made using a multi-stage heat treatment process
  • 33% stronger tip profiles compared to standard bits

Price and Availability

The 25-piece set retails for $24.98, and the 30-piece set is listed at $29.98. These driver bit sets are available exclusively at Lowe’s.


  • Model: Spyder 19030
  • Shank Type: 1/4-Inch Hex
  • Case type: Hard
  • Shank size: 1/4-inch
  • Number of pieces: 25/30
  • Material: Shock-resistant tool steel

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A bit off subject, but been having a lot of Milwaukee bit drivers losing magnets. PITA when on a ladder. No problems with teal, except not as available in my area.

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