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Stabila Pocket Tape Measures

Stabila Pocket Tapes Specialize in Determining Short Distances

The Stabila Pocket Tape Measures come in compact casings, measuring lengths up to 26 feet. If your work won’t often call for measuring longer lengths, why carry all the extra bulk around? These compact tapes can safely store away in a pant pocket, fit into a tool belt, or clip directly to your belt without providing more mass or weight than is necessary.

What’s the Big Deal?

Stabila has four Pocket Tape Measure models available. These compact tapes – the BM 100 and BM 300 lines – come in both Imperial and Imperial/Metric markings. The Stabila BM 100 Pocket Tape Measures come in 10 ft, 16 ft, and 26 ft lengths while the BM 300 line comes in 16 ft and 26 ft lengths.

Of course, the major selling point of a pocket tape measure will likely revolve around the size and weight of the tool. Their weights range between 0.35 – 1.15 lbs, depending on the model and the length of the tape inside.

All of the Stabila Pocket Tape Measures come with a curved steel blade and feature an integrated spring mechanism that automatically retracts the tape. A moveable metal hook ensures that your internal and external measurements stay true. There are some marked differences between the two lines, however. Check out the particulars of each line below!

Stabila Pocket Tape BM 100

  • Compact
  • ABS case with a shock-absorbent grip cover protects the blade from impacts
  • Ergonomic tape capsule
  • Convenient brake button
  • Chrome-plated metal clip
  • Integrated tether point
  • Protective yellow coating on the blade ensures readability in all conditions
  • Red tens for quick orientation
  • Imprinted 16″ and 19.2″ stud markers
  • Metal-reinforced blade start
  • Adjustable starter hook
  • Integrated eyelet in the hook prevents blade slippage
  • Strong spring provides automatic blade retraction
  • Cushion on the blade return protects the hook

Stabila Pocket Tape BM 300

  • Robust pocket tape
  • Shatterproof PC/ABS housing with shock-absorbing soft grip casing protects the blade
  • Curved brake switch
  • Rounded Stabila Easy-Clip
  • Stabila Nylon-Wrap coating protects the blade against corrosion and wear
  • 10′ standout
  • Stabila Spikes coating on hook protects against slippage
  • Integrated eyelet in the hook prevents the blade from slipping
  • Scales on both sides for ideal readability
  • Strong spring provides automatic blade retraction

Model Numbers & Pricing

ModelBlade LengthScalingPrice
BM 100 3071010 ft.Imperial$10
BM 100 3071616 ft.Imperial$15
BM 100 3072626 ft.Imperial$20
BM 100 3081010 ft.Imperial/Metric$10
BM 100 3081616 ft.Imperial/Metric$15
BM 100 3082626 ft.Imperial/Metric$20
BM 300 3051616 ft.Imperial$20
BM 300 3052626 ft.Imperial$25
BM 300 3061616 ft.Imperial/Metric$20
BM 300 3062626 ft.Imperial/Metric$25

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