Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery

Stihl AP 500 S Battery Provides More Power And Longer Service Life

While Stihl is a brand that still embraces gas power, it’s no surprise that it also offers options for battery power, especially since some states are proposing to ban gas-powered equipment. The release of the AP 300 S battery updated their initial battery formula, and now the Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery provides even further advancement. We wanted to take a look at this new battery to see what improvements it brings to the table.

Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery Performance

Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery
  • Model: Stihl AP 500 S
  • 9.4Ah capacity
  • Power Laminate Technology provides more service life
  • Up to 2500-cycle life

Starting off with performance, this 36V battery has a capacity of 9.4Ah. Stihl says it provides double the service life and charging cycles of the AP 300 S thanks to its power laminate technology, giving users up to a 2500-cycle life. The AP 500 S battery also features 40% more power output and 20% more capacity than the AP 300 S.

Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery Design Notes

  • Lightweight and balanced
  • 4.2 lbs
  • Robust, weatherproof design
  • Compatible with most Stihl AP-System tools
  • Compatible with Stihl Connected fleet management system

The Stihl AP 500 S battery is slightly heavier than its predecessor, weighing 4.2 pounds compared to the AP 300 S’s 3.96 pounds. It’s natural that a battery that provides more power and a higher capacity will have a bit more heft to it, so this small step-up in weight is nothing to turn up your nose at.

Plus, you can use this battery in any weather, thanks to its robust, weatherproof design.

The AP 500 S is compatible with almost all Stihl AP-System power tools and equipment, as well as the Stihl Connected smart fleet management system.

Stihl AP 500 S Pouch Cell Battery Price

This battery retails for $379.99 at your favorite Stihl retailer. Your purchase includes a 3-year warranty.

You can learn more information at Stihl’s website.

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