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Stihl FSA 135 R Professional Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Stihl FSA 135 and 135 R Professional Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Cordless string trimmers have been a hit with residential homeowners and they’re gaining traction with some professional crews. One obstacle for Pros is performance and that particular hurdle is what the Stihl FSA 135 R string trimmer is designed to overcome.

Stihl FSA 135 vs FSA 135 R

There are two versions of Stihl’s professional cordless string trimmer. The 135 R features a standard D-handle. The 135 comes with a bicycle handle. That’s it. The brushless motors, shafts, and performance are the same.

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Stihl FSA 135 Professional Battery-Powered String Trimmer… Seriously

Brands have been claiming to get professional performance from their string trimmers for a while. With either of these Stihl professional battery-powered string trimmers in the 135 series, it’s a reality. They match up with the FS 91/91 R on the gas side—professional string trimmers with 28.3cc engines.

Just like the gas models, these trimmers have a 16.5-inch cutting swath and work best with 0.095-inch line. It can also handle grass cutting blades (230-4, 230-8) or Stihl’s brush knife (250-3)

Stihl FSA 135 R Professional Battery-Powered String Trimmer

When it comes to runtime, expect 25 – 45 minutes from an AP 300 battery. Three settings help you match the trimmer’s speed to what you’re cutting. That’s not quite up to what the FS 91 R gets on its 24-ounce tank (just over an hour), but it’s certainly on par with what we expect on the cordless side.

Another point worth making concerns the weight. Bare, the FSA 135 R is 10.1 pounds and the AP 300 battery adds another 3.8 (13.9 pounds total). The gas-powered FS 91 R? Just over 14 pounds with a full tank of gas and oil. Unlike some of the previous battery string trimmers out there, you don’t have to sacrifice additional weight to get professional performance.

Sithl builds both of these models in the USA using parts from both domestic and global sources.

Additional Highlights

  • Certified Zero Emissions Equipment (ZEE)
  • High-tech polymer housing
  • Interlocking throttle trigger safety
  • Rubberized soft touch handle
  • Battery level indicator
  • Onboard air filter
  • Weather-resistant design

Stihl FSA 135/135 R String Trimmer Price

There’s a bit of a price difference depending on which 135 series string trimmer you want. The D-handle FSA 135 R has a retail price of $409.99 and the bicycle handle FSA 135 is $459.99 for the bare tools.

Stihl FSA 135 R/135 Specifications

  • Power Source: Stihl 36V battery (AP 300 recommended)
  • Cutting Swath: 16.5 inches
  • Line Diameter: 0.095-inch
  • Bare Weight: 10.1 pounds (FSA 135 R), 10.9 pounds (FSA 135)

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