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damaging hoses

Guide to Choosing the Best Garden Hose for Your Home

Guide to the Best Garden Hoses for Your Home Up until I bought my first house, I thought a garden hose was a garden hose. I hadn’t realized the huge differences in build quality, diameter, functionality, and purpose. The key manufacturers, like Continental, Flexzilla, Gilmour, Worth Garden, and others, make a variety of hoses to […]

How to Make Compost at Home

How to Make Compost at Home

At Pro Tool Reviews, we like to be helpful. We also love things like gardening, remodeling, and working through various DIY challenges and projects. One of those led us to a discovery of the best ways to handle composting. Following are some simple tips that will help you produce almost completely usable compost in far […]

Echo Hand Pruner

ECHO HP-42 Hand Pruner

Echo Hand Pruner Increases Hydroponic Yields Echo created the HP-42 Hand Pruner specifically for urban farming, herb farming, commercial farming, and the home gardening set. To date, the HP-42 is the lightest and most user-friendly precision-cutting hand pruner Echo has released. Echo on Pruning When done properly, pruning eradicates any excess green tissue, which leads […]

Keter Garden Shed High Store

Keter High Store Small Garden Shed Review

When Keter reached out to tell us about their storage products, we wondered if their solutions would work well in the Florida weather. The Keter High Store shed is billed as durable and sturdy. This small garden shed appears ready to withstand rain, snow, and inclement weather. As for hurricane force winds…well, all bets are off. […]

Stanley Fatmax hose

Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose Review

Hoses may not seem like a “Pro” tool, but if you work with concrete, airless sprayers, or pressure washers, then having a good hose will save you time and money. Recently, the Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade water hose was launched by Bond Manufacturing. The new hose is the first product in a series of proprietary solutions […]

Ames stand up weeder featured

Ames Stand-Up Weeder Preview

If you hate weeding , the new Ames Stand-Up Weeder is going to sound pretty good. This tool is one of the company’s new line of spring garden tools and features a stand-up weeder, garden tiller, landscape border edger, garden cultivator, spike aerator and planting auger. All of the tools are designed with ergonomics in […]

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Razor-Back shovels and rakes

Razor-Back Shovels and Rakes Review

Shovels and rakes don’t get a lot of attention in most magazines and publications. They’re not sexy. They don’t use batteries. Heck, they don’t even make noise (unless you accidentally hit a gas line with a shovel—but that’s a different type of noise!) The thing is, though, we use shovels and rakes all the time. Whether you’re an […]