September 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

needle nose pliers

Crescent Z2 Pliers Feature 2

Crescent Z2 Pliers | Better Features, Excellent Value

When we got our hands on the latest Crescent Z2 pliers, we wanted to know what set them apart from the other high-quality options on the market. In short, it’s all about the features, and it’s not all bells and whistles. In designing the Z2 series, Crescent started where it matters most—with the people that […]

Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack

Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack

Our Alternative Tool Use series is well underway. We’ve shared some handy ideas that can save you some time and frustration. Some might seem more obvious to you than others depending on your skill level and work experience. But have you ever seen a clever idea in practice that sparked your creativity? These lifehacks may […]