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Ridgid MegaMax

Ridgid MegaMax 18V Octane Brushless Multi-Tool

We’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of Ridgid’s new Octane technology on their 18V platform. We also got to see one of the first applications with Ridgid’s 18V Octane brushless reciprocating saw. But it’s the new Ridgid MegaMax that really pushes the new battery/tool/communication system to show off what Ridgid has in mind […]

Bosch Speed Clean Rotary Hammer Bits

Bosch Speed Clean Rotary Hammer Bits

Bosch Speed Clean rotary hammer bits are Bosch’s solution to make chemical anchor installation easier and less time-consuming The general process of setting a chemical anchor correctly takes six steps – drill, blow, brush, blow, fill with chemical adhesive, and set the anchor. By using Bosch Speed Clean rotary hammer bits, you can eliminate the […]

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Bits

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Bits For SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers

Bosch has a line of hammer drill bits designed to last longer and drill faster, more precise holes in concrete with rebar. The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Bits have a conical, 100% full-carbide tip with an upgraded variable flute design. The end result, Bosch claims, is an SDS-Plus bit that provides 25% more holes drills per […]

Hilti TE 6-A22 Rotary Hammer Video

So Hilti is one of those beloved brand names in the world of rotary hammers, among other things. Their TE 6-A36 is well-renowned for its ability to serially drill holes in stone and concrete. But as you might imagine, it not only falls on the heavier side of the spectrum, but it also uses a […]

Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

Adding to their collection of OSHA-compliant dust collection solutions, the Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud makes its debut. This one is pretty simple and it’s not terribly expensive. When you take the Dust Trap out of the package, it will be in two pieces. Just twist the dust cap on clockwise to put them […]

Hilti TE 3-C SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Hilti TE 3-C SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

So it’s time for a new rotary hammer and you’re ready to make the upgrade to Hilti. While there are plenty of options to choose from, the Hilti TE 3-C is a relatively light and compact SDS-Plus model to get you started on light- to medium-duty masonry applications. Top Features You’ll find all the features […]

Bosch GBH18V-20N

Bosch GBH18V-20N 18V SDS-Plus 3/4″ Rotary Hammer

Bosch has recently announced a new addition to their cordless rotary hammer lineup. The Bosch GBH18V-20N is a 3/4″ cordless rotary hammer that runs on the company’s 18V battery platform that includes the Core18V battery. At a lightweight 5.7 lbs (7 lbs, including the battery), the GBH18V-20N advertises a great performance-to-weight ratio. Considering how well […]

Makita 18V LXT Sub-Compact Rotary Hammer

Makita 18V LXT Sub-Compact Rotary Hammer

Expanding the 18V LXT Sub-Compact line, which includes a driver-drill, hammer driver-drill, and impact driver, Makita releases the new 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless 11/16” Rotary Hammer. An ideal tool for use in both tight spaces and overhead applications, the Makita 18V LXT Sub-Compact Rotary Hammer gives contractors a 18V compact rotary hammer with the size and handling […]

Makita Rotary Hammer

New Makita Rotary Hammer Models Feature HEPA Vacs and AVT

Rotary hammers work well for chipping and drilling in concrete, but they create a lot of dust and vibration. With September 23 right around the corner, the deadline for OSHA silica dust compliance approaches quickly (read more about that here). And with the heavy vibration that comes part and parcel with using a rotary hammer, […]