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FLIR One Pro LT Thermal Camera for iPhone

FLIR MSX Technology Explained Simply

FLIR MSX Technology Boosts Thermal Image Definition With Two Cameras FLIR MSX Technology isn’t brand new to the thermal camera market. I first saw it on the FLIR C2 and it made a tremendous difference in the quality of the thermal images I use. FLIR MSX Stands for Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging FLIR MSX stands for Multi-Spectral Dynamic […]

Thermal Imagers in Disaster Recovery

Using Thermal Imagers in Disaster Recovery

In the wake of a hurricane (pick one), you often hear about the use of thermal imagers. Using thermal imagers in disaster recovery consistently remains popular as a mechanism for search and rescue as well as troubleshooting. These tools can help people move back into their homes and businesses sooner after major disasters. While strong […]

How Thermal Imagers Work for Troubleshooting

Aside from references to the popular 1987 movie Predator, how thermal imagers work hasn’t gotten a lot of mainstream attention. In the past several years, dropping prices have seen their increased use in troubleshooting. There’s a good reason for that. Thermal imaging has always been in transition. A lot of recent technological changes have really […]

klein Rechargeable Thermal Imager

Klein Tools TI250 Rechargeable Thermal Imager

Klein TI250 Thermal Imager Simplifies Troubleshooting The Klein TI250 Rechargeable Thermal Imager presents an affordable and simple troubleshooting solution for electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, inspectors, and other trade Pros. With its LCD screen, the TI250 can quickly and easily suss out any potential maintenance issues. Running Hot and Cold With a sensor resolution of 10,800 […]

Flir MR277

FLIR Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter MR277

Step Up Your Inspection Game with the FLIR Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter The FLIR MR277 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter is the first all-in-one solution for targeting moisture at its source. With high-quality thermal imaging, this building inspection system helps you find the source of the problem so you can deliver fast solutions and make repairs […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
FLIR One Pro LT Thermal Camera for iPhone

FLIR One Pro LT Thermal Camera for Smartphones

FLIR One Pro LT Gets You Into the Thermal Game at an Affordable Price The FLIR One Pro LT is essentially a slightly scaled down version of the One Pro that uses your smartphone as a platform to get you into thermal image capture. After using it for several weeks, it’s proving to be a […]

FLIR TG275 made in America

FLIR TG275 Thermal Camera for Mechanics and Automotive Techs

The new FLIR TG275 thermal camera is the first model specifically targeting the automotive industry. The MSX-enabled camera aims to make diagnostics easier by letting you see what an IR thermometer can only give you numbers for. FLIR TG275 Thermal Camera Design FLIR goes with their typical base-mounted handle design that’s just a smaller version […]

FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter

FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter

New FLIR MR176 Pairs Thermal Imaging with a Moisture Meter FLIR is expanding their thermal imaging expertise into tools for contractors, remodelers, MRO, and HVAC professionals with the new FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter. Thermal imaging is a phenomenal tool for detecting moisture on its own. As moisture dries (or attempts to dry if it’s […]


Seek Thermal Imaging Camera for Your Cell Phone

Thermal imaging is cool. Want to impress your friends? Bring over a thermal imaging camera. Want your kid to ace the science fair? Include thermal imaging. Seeing heat even when you can’t visually see triggers an instinctual reaction in guys that says “I want that”. Owning a thermal imaging camera gives your man card an […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
FLIR C2 Featured Image

FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR is doing just about everything it can to end our excuses for why we don’t have thermal imaging as part of our arsenals. They’re redefining what the cost of entry is and the quality you can expect there. Whether you’re diagnosing energy loss in a home, working as a home inspection pro, or maintaining […]