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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager Preview 2260-22

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22

Possibly the most interesting tool of the entire 2011 Milwaukee Media event was Milwaukee’s new M12 Thermal Imager. With a maximum 4 hours of run-time, and dual cameras (it takes both a digital camera still and a thermal image at the same time) this is a whole new style of product for the M12 line. When you pull the trigger, the two images are immediately stored onto the included 2GB SD memory card. In this way you have a reference image and the thermal image for each location. What we also liked was that you can view either mode when you pull the trigger, so its easy to focus on what you need to in order to survey a site for insulation needs or weatherization.

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager Kit DCT416S1 Preview

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit DCT416S1 Preview

Near the end of 2010, DeWalt announced its first 12V MAX Infrared (IR) Thermometer, the DCT414S1. As the company continues to expand its 12V MAX cordless platform, they went all out on the mac-daddy model, the DCT416S1. Half IR thermometer, half thermal imager, it’s been engineered to go far beyond to display both visual and thermal images on the integrated full-color LCD screen. You can even blend the images together in order to really pinpoint an issue. This is very handy when troubleshooting electrical panels or heating and cooling leaks. It’s certainly a much more advanced product, and one that is going to turn some heads.