Diablo Pergo Flooring Saw Blades

Diablo Pergo Blade

Diablo Pergo Blades Boast 75 Times the Lifespan of Carbide Tipped Flooring Blades

Massive increases in lifespan and incredible cost savings: that’s what is being promised with the new Diablo Pergo Flooring Saw Blades. Most current blades are carbide tipped, which is good, but these new blades from Diablo are Polycrystalline Diamond tipped for even greater durability. How much greater? Diablo is claiming 75 times more cuts than the standard carbide tipped blades. That’s impressive.

According to their website, in house testing resulted in 21 cuts into flooring material. The claim isn’t clear exactly which material, but we can probably assume that it was either Pergo specifically or another laminate flooring. The Diablo Pergo blade made 1,816 cuts through the same material.

Russell Kohl, President & CEO of Freud America, Inc., had this to say about the Diablo Pergo Flooring Blades –  “These new blades are a game-changer in the flooring market. It is the most critical tool for a professional contractor to use when completing a flooring project. Pro installers no longer have to worry about what to do with the hundreds of dulled, unusable blades left over from a flooring project. With an unparalleled 75 times cutting life performance, you have to see this blade in action to believe its speed and accuracy!”

In a world that teaches us “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” most people would look at these kind of results with a healthy dose of skepticism. From my experience though, Diablo hasn’t given us a reason to doubt what they’re saying.

Having the best blade on your saw comes at a price. At Home Depot, the 10 inch blade will cost you $169.00 and the 12 inch blade is $199. Factoring in the cost savings though, if one Diablo Pergo blade is worth 75 standard ones, then your $199 dollar investment should pay off heavily in the long run. For more information, be sure to check out Diablo’s website by clicking here.

Diablo Pergo Blade Features:Diablo Pergo Blade

  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tipped teeth with unique tooth geometry to deliver unmatched cutting life
  • Triple Chip Grind (TCG) tooth geometry for dramatically increased cutting life
  • Hi-Tech Anti-Kickback design reinforces the tooth for longer life
  • Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration design reduces vibration and stabilizes the blade for smooth, effortless cuts
  • Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating to combat drag, gumming and corrosion

Diablo Pergo Flooring Saw Blade Summary

  • Tooth Coating: Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)
  • Available Sizes: 12 inch/16 tooth/0.087 inch Kerf, 10 inch/12 tooth/0.087 inch Kerf
  • Future Sizes: 7-1/4 inch/8 tooth/0.071 inch Kerf (due Fall 2014)
  • Model Numbers: 12″ – D1216LF, 10″ – D1012LF, 7-1/4″ – D0708LF
  • Price: 12″ – $199, 10″ – $169 (at Home Depot)


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