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DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser

DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Laser
PTIA 2016 Winner

Rotary lasers are a staple of layout jobs and the new DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser is poised to be a solid player in the field. DeWalt’s rotary laser line also includes 20V Max red lasers which will share many of the features and specifications as the DW079LG. We’re simply focusing on the green laser because of its increased visibility over the red wavelength and it’s hardware as a 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner.

Numbers to Know

The most important specifications boil down to accuracy and range when it comes to rotary lasers. The DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser features 1/8 inch accuracy at 100 feet. In an indoor setting, you can expect to be able to see the class III green laser up to 250 feet. Outside and with brighter light, the detector will take you out to a range of 2000 feet.

There are four rotation speed settings at 150, 300, 600, and 1200 RPM. The laser is capable of self-leveling itself up to 5°.

DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser Specifications

  • Model: DeWalt DW079LG
  • Power Source: DeWalt 20V Max and FlexVolt batteries
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Indoor Visibility Range: 250′
  • Rotation Speed: 150, 300, 600, 1200 RPM
  • Accuracy @ 100′: 1/8″
  • Laser Class: 3
  • Range with Detector: 2000′
  • Self Leveling Range: 5 degrees
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Price: $1299


As you can tell by the name, the DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser is powered by DeWalt 20V Max or FlexVolt batteries. From a durability standpoint, the laser is IP67 rated and has been dropped tested to 2 meters.

Functionality features include a scan mode at 15°, 45°, and 90° along with up and down plum spots and dual axis slope mode.

The kit includes the rotary laser, detector, TSTAK storage case, 5/8″ bracket and tripod adapters, DeWalt 20V Max battery, charger, enhancement glasses, target card, ceiling bracket, and detector bracket.

DeWalt 20V Max Tough Green Rotary Laser Key Features

  • Runs off the DeWalt 20V Max battery platform
  • IP67 rated
  • Scan Modes at 15, 45, and 90 degrees
  • +/- 1/8 inch accuracy at 100 feet
  • DeWalt FlexVolt compatible
  • 2 meter drop tested
  • Up and down plumb spot
  • Dual axis slope mode

Our Take

If you’re relatively new to the rotary laser scene, green is the way to go. It’s wavelength is closer to optimal for the human eye, making it easier for us to see out to longer distances. That comes at a cost of higher energy consumption and usually a premium price (the red version is $300 less).

While I’m sure the price of green lasers will come down as they become more widely available, there’s not much that can be done about the price right now. Runtime, on the other hand, isn’t as big a concern because you’re on DeWalt’s 20V Max battery platform. It’s easy enough to rotate batteries as needed and if you’re on the FlexVolt platform, you’ll have a 162 watt hour battery available in January.

Check out more information on DeWalt’s website.


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