October 26, 2021

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Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories Expand

Milwaukee Shockwave Auger Bit
Milwaukee Tool expands their line of professional tools and accessories with the introduction of the new Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories in late 2017. Milwaukee specifically engineered these new introductions – Impact Auger Bits, 3-in-1 Distribution and Transmission Utility Sockets, and a 7/16″ Hex to 1/2″Square Impact Socket Adapter – for the construction and maintenance of utility lines. They advertise these accessories as offering superior speed, durability, and efficiency.

What They Say

“Working in all weather conditions both on the ground and in the air, Linemen face a unique set of challenges different from many other professionals. Recent innovation in accessories for drilling and fastening into wood or steel utility poles has been limited at best.  With our new line of Shockwave Lineman’s accessories we set out to change this trend.  Our solutions not only provide a more reliable and fast way to work, but also offer the durability benefits made famous by Milwaukee’s Shockwave technology– the ability to absorb peak torque and prevent breaking.”
-James Grow, Group Marketing Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories

Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s Impact Auger BitsShockwave Impact Auger - Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories

Milwaukee engineered these new impact auger bits to drill cleaner, faster holes in utility poles. They feature a single spur design that scores the hole for a clean finish. An aggressive feed screw and cutting edge pull the bit through the material for faster drilling. Also, due to the wide fluting of the of the bit’s edges, wood chips eject faster.

Milwaukee coats these bits in a reinforced anti-friction PTFE, allowing for smoother drilling and removal of the auger. While the design of traditional ship augers allows for working through nails in lumber, when applied to dense, treated utility poles, they have the tendency to bog down and drill slow, rough holes.

Optimized for use in a 7/16″ impact wrench, the Milwaukee Shockwave impact auger should drill fast, clean holes if they work as advertised. Scheduled for release in September 2017, the Shockwave Lineman impact auger bit will come in both 18″ and 24″ lengths, and in all key lineman’s sizes.

Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s 3-in-1 Distribution Utility Socket & 3-in-1 Transmission Utility Socket

Safety is a key feature for the new Shockwave Lineman’s 3-in-1 Distribution Utility Socket and 3-in-1 Transmission Utility Socket. Both sockets feature a push-and-twist barrel lock. This allows for easy and secure one-handed size changes while wearing gloves. The benefit to this, as opposed to traditional utility sockets, is that the design of these sockets eliminates the need to remove the socket from the adapter while in the air.

Durability comes standard as well, as both sockets are built with interior debris shields to minimize rust and corrosion. These sockets are due out in October 2017.

Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories

Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s 7/16” Hex to ½” Square Impact Socket Adapter

Also joining this extended accessory line is the Shockwave Lineman’s 7/16″ Hex to 1/2″ square impact socket adapter. Milwaukee designed this adapter with an emphasis on durability and efficiency. Crafted from Custom Alloy76 Steel, this new adapter resists wear and shock.

Like many accessories in the Milwaukee Shockwave line, this adapter features an optimized Shockzone to protect against over-torquing. It also features a pin detent design, which allows the adapter to securely hold the socket in place. Look for the release of this socket adapter in October 2017.

The Bottom Line

Milwaukee prides itself on its reputation for producing high quality, durable tools and accessories for the professional power tool market. While we haven’t used these new accessories in action yet, our experience with the latest generation of products in the Shockwave line has been positive to date. Milwaukee Tool tends to emphasize durability and efficiency, and it would be hard to imagine that the new Milwaukee Lineman Utility Accessories will operate outside of that paradigm.

Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman Utility Accessories

  • Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s Impact Auger – September 2017
    • Various sizes from 11/16″x 18″ – 15/16″ x 24″
  • Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s 3-in-1 Distribution Utility Socket  – October 2017
  • Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s 3-in-1 Transmission Utility Socket  – October 2017
  • Milwaukee Shockwave Lineman’s Socket Adapter  – October 2017

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