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Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond Routing System

Rockler CNC Shark Routing System

Seeing this tool made me think that it might be a good idea to lock myself in a garage for a couple weeks and rework all the signage in my neighborhood. The new CNC Shark Black Diamond Routing System from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a CNC routing system that uses software, including  zeroing capability, that maps the surface of your table or workpiece. Rockler claims this eliminates problems such as uneven relief cutting that are caused by warped boards or inconsistencies in the table.

Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond

The Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond is built to handle large routers with up to 2-1/4 HP. To accommodate the greater torque levels, it features adjustable bearings to give more stability during heavy cutting. With a work table measuring 28-1/2″ x 36″, it’s similar in surface area to a Rockler trim router table, but it’s also capable of carvings and machining operations—on a large variety of signs, doors, and other projects made from wood, soft metals or plastics. Rockler tells us that the aluminum and high-density polyethylene construction is designed to support frequent and prolonged use.

Included in the Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond Package (44566) are:

  • Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond Edition
  • $50 Rockler Gift Card
  • Accessory Kit (CNC Touch Plate and 5-Piece Bit Set)

The whole package retails for $4000 and is available on Rockler’s website and in their retail stores.

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