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Festool Power Select Program

Ever since we attended the Festool Germany media event we became acutely aware that the company is bringing more and more of a focus on Festool cordless tools. Now, a new push for Festool Unplugged tools is starting to reveal that the German company is getting very serious about untethering its cordless tools for easier use and manipulation in the shop. For carpenters, joiners, and woodworkers everywhere, the level of quality and performance these cordless tools are bringing to the table is really starting to influence purchasing decisions towards cordless in a way we haven’t seen from Festool before.

What is Festool Unplugged?

It started with some cordless drills and drivers, but it didn’t take long before Festool cordless tools included the Festool Carvex jig saw, the Festool TSC 55 cordless track saw, and tools like the versatile Festool C18 drill. Now, the company seems to be taking their cordless tools full-on into workshops everywhere. Festool cordless tools include over a dozen models. Here is just a sampling of the cordless Festool unplugged products available on the market—and these are just the basic models without listing all of the available variations and kits:

Festool Cordless Saws

  • TSC 55 REB track saw
  • Carvex PSC 420 jig saw
  • Carvex PSCBC 420 jig saw

Festool Cordless Drills & Drivers

  • BHC 18 rotary hammer
  • TXS compact drill driver
  • CXS compact drill driver
  • C15 drill driver
  • C18 drill driver
  • T15+3 drill driver
  • T18+3 drill driver
  • PDC 18/4 QuaDrive drill driver
Festool cordless tools

In addition to having a lot more cordless tools, Festool is offering most of their tools in three different configurations to better meet the needs of professional joiners and woodworkers who have different preferences for their shops. Currently these are the options:

  • Basic: Includes just the tool only in a Systainer
  • Plus: Includes the tool and a pair of batteries plus charger
  • Set: Includes the tools, additional accessories, two batteries, and charger

What’s Next for Festool Cordless Tools

We can’t say for certain what to expect next in Festool cordless tools. It could be that their sanders may see some attention in the not too distant future. Or they may expand their Festool SysLite LED to include more products. They may even venture into the area of small shop vacuums or blowers. The future is wide open. In any case, Festool is definitely set up for shops and places where finding power is typically not an issue, but expanding their cordless tools helps Pros experience some freedom when they need to do some thing that’s more convenient without the tether of a power cord.

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