Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker Announced

Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker

Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker to Enter Market in July

Not to be left out with all of the other music options available, the Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker will be available this summer. The new speaker, introduced under model number PCC772B, features a 4 inch speaker claiming to produce loud, clear sound. As I’m sure you gathered from the title, the new Bluetooth Speaker will be running on Porter-Cable’s 20V Max battery packs. Considering the size and what we’ve seen from other brands so far, it’s a good bet that the 2.0 amp hour will come close to getting you through a work day on a single charge. The 4.0 amp hour battery will likely have no issue at all.

Unlike some of the more recent compact size Bluetooth speakers that have come out recently, the Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker also includes an AC cord to make use of a traditional outlet. This is a good move by Porter-Cable to reach users that may not be invested in their 20V Max battery system or those that don’t have an extra pack to spare. It’s also breaking the recent trend by including an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth sources, but not a USB charging port. That auxiliary input is in the form of a permanently attached cord. That’s good in that you won’t lose it. On the other hand, if it ever shorts out (as those small cords tend to do over time), that feature is done.

Interestingly, Porter-Cable put the rubber carrying handle on the side of the unit rather than the top. That’s not likely going to be a deal breaker for anyone. The control panel on top appears to be simple and intuitive. It also appears that it’s mainly a plastic construction with squarish design around the speaker. We’ll have to wait until it actually comes out to get an idea of the sound quality.

The new Porter-Cable 20V Bluetooth Speaker is due to hit stores in July with a retail price of $59.97.

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