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Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear offers some really high quality work belts, tool pouches and tool bags that really provide almost limitless customization to match your exact tool collection. They have what they refer to as their “Versa Clip” system. With it, you can configure your gear by using the many clip points located on the belt and the bags. Beyond the ability to configure your tool belt, you can now actually get the right size and type of pouch you need (they have like a half million options to choose from). With a vast array of sizes, styles, and tool specific pouches and holders, you can actually have a place for everything and everything in its place.


Iron Dog Tool Gear pouchThe Iron Dog product line focuses on two main ideas; unique functionality and extreme quality. According to the guys we spoke with at the booth, the components of the system were developed with first hand knowledge of today’s trades and the tools that are used. The system starts with the tool belt which features a secure way to make sure the size does not change and there is patented buckle for easy removal. Next you purchase only the pouches and tool holders that you need with 28 different ones to choose from.  In addition to the numerous pouches there are tool bags that also integrate with the Versa Clip system. So now, when you change up your belt and wonder where to keep your gear, or need to add additional pockets to your tool bag, you can.

Iron Dog Tool Gear pouches bags

All the leather is tough, thick, and pliable. If you dodn’t think those three words could go together, neither did we. Two layers are used; with an outside layer that resist abrasion and an inner layer that is soft and ensures nothing ever breaks though. Ballistic Nylon is used to re-enforce the products and all the stitching is either double or triple with anodized rivets in areas that may experience extra stress.

The Iron Dog line of tool gear is expected to be available online in the US in March of 2009.


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