Bosch Bluehound Tool Management System Video

One of the more technological advances at the 2018 World of Concrete included a new Bluetooth technology from Bosch. Bosch Bluehound is an asset management system designed with larger construction companies in mind. The new Bosch Bluehound system will, ideally, help with tracking tools, trucks, and other assets to and from the jobsite. It delivers a way to truly control and comprehend all of your assets on a large scale, in order to make process improvements and optimize workflow.

The Bosch Bluehound system is not a tool tracking system for theft prevention, a point that Eli Share from Bosch explained in detail. It’s also not likely a system that will appeal to smaller companies as it is truly designed for larger-scale operations.

The Bosch Bluehound system uses a web-app alongside physical Bluetooth trackers and mobile apps. All these things come together to link the connected jobsite in a way that lets you know where everything is, as well as how to better regulate both employees and assets.

Currently, the system exists in an open pilot stage, and Bosch will look for other firms to partner with them during this testing phase. As the system rolls out more fully in 2019, we’ll likely see a bigger push to implement the system across the country.

The Bosch Bluehound Tool Management System Highlights

  • Operates via Bluetooth
  • Inventory and asset management system
  • Designed to streamline workflow
  • Should be available in 2019



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