October 18, 2021

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Milwaukee Infrared Imager with 102 x 77 Display

Milwaukee 2257-20 102x77 Spot Infrared Imager
Scheduled for release in late July, the 2257-20 Milwaukee Infrared Imager combines what was once two separate tools – an infrared thermometer and a thermal camera.  While providing a temperature reading, this imager also grants visibility into potential maintenance issues, like mechanical and electrical hot spots.

What They Say

“Traditionally, when a service professional is troubleshooting a problem area they’ve had to use either temp guns or infrared cameras, but neither option is ideal. Temp guns do not provide an image, and infrared cameras have been at restrictively high price points with additional features unnecessary for identifying the problem.  The new 102×77 Spot Infrared Imager provides the best of both worlds, pairing the scanning advantages of high resolution infrared imaging with the simplicity of a temp gun.”
-Paige Bovard, Group Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Key Features

The Milwaukee Infrared Imager features instant start-up for scanning large areas quickly and gives a high-resolution image with a simple temperature reading. Dual sense pixels respond quickly and cleanly, eliminating blurring between hot and cold details in complex environments.  It features 56:1 distance to spot performance, a fifteen-second image hold, and accurately reads temperatures ranging from 14°F – 646°F .  This imager runs for about 4 hours on a single 9V battery.  Backed by Milwaukee ‘s 5-year warranty, the Infrared Imager retails for around $299.

Milwaukee Infrared Imager 2257-20

Final Thoughts

Milwaukee Infrared Imager 2257-20

“Simplicity” is the operative word when it comes to the Spot Infrared Imager.  There aren’t a ton of complicated buttons or settings to mess around with; I can simply point and shoot for a temperature reading and a thermal image of any hot spots.  The higher-resolution screen is clear and precise and makes troubleshooting a breeze.

At under $300, this unit is not terribly expensive for a thermal imager, and it’s coupled with a great warranty.  The only real problem with this model is that the screen, while clean and responsive, borders on being tiny.  This may be a factor for why this unit is so relatively inexpensive, but a larger screen is always more helpful.

All that said, consider the Milwaukee 2257-20 a great low-budget option for troubleshooting applications, so long as you’re prepared to squint.

Milwaukee Infrared Imager Key Features

  • Instant Start-Up
  • High Resolution Image
  • 56:1 Distance-To-Spot Performance
  • 15 Second Image Hold
  • 5 Year Warranty

Milwaukee Infrared Imager Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 2257-20
  • Temperature Range: 14° – 646°F
  • Color Palette: Iron Bow
  • Emissivity: Fixed at .95
  • Runtime on 9V Alkaline Battery: 4+ hours
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