Toro 60V Stripe Dual-Blade Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Achieve Pro-Level Lawn Stripes With The Toro Stripe Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Battery-powered mowers have come a long way over the years, with many brands pushing the limits to actually compete with gas power. One holdup that many consumers may have is cut quality– how do you get that “professional” look with an electric mower? It’s definitely possible, and we’re looking at the Toro Stripe Lawn Mower to see how it goes the extra mile to achieve pro-level results.

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Toro 60V Stripe Lawn Mower Performance

Toro Stripe Lawn Mower
  • Runtime: Up to 65 minutes (with 7.5Ah battery)
  • Blade Design: Dual stacked
  • 3-in-1 Discharge: Bag, Mulch, Rear-discharge
  • Min. Cut Height: 1 in.
  • Max Cut Height: 4 in.

This mower utilizes a stacked dual-blade system rather than a single-blade system like the Toro 60V Super Recycler Personal Pace Mower. It also employs Toro’s Recycler cutting system, which mulches clippings super finely and feeds them back into your lawn as nutrients. In addition to mulching, you can either bag the clippings or simply set it up for rear discharge.

There’s also an optional side-discharge attachment. To get the side discharge chute, you must first register your mower on Toro’s website.

The Toro Stripe mower employs a brushless motor that gives you a runtime of up to 65 minutes, or up to 2/3 of an acre, per charge. Keep in mind that grass and mowing conditions, such as moisture content or grass height, will affect you’re overall runtime. Luckily, Toro includes a fast charger with the kit that should have you back up and running in about 70 minutes.

Toro Stripe Lawn Mower

Where the Stripe mower stands out is actually its namesake. It features a built-in plastic lawn striper that lays the grass blades down in the direction you’re mowing. This leaves your grass with those sought-after, professional-looking stripes. Our team tested this feature on a neighbor’s Zoysia grass and the effect was definitely noticeable on this softer species of grass. We also tested this mower back at our shop on some healthy St. Augustine grass and we noticed that the striping effect wasn’t as pronounced.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawn Mower Design

Toro Stripe Lawn Mower
  • Model: Toro 21623T
  • Power Source: Toro 60V battery
  • Deck Size: 21 in.
  • Deck Material: Polymer Composite
  • Drive Type: Self-Propelled
  • Blade Length: 20.25 in.
  • Deck Height Adjustment: 2-point
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 in. (front), 10 in. (rear)
  • Motor Type: Brushless

The Stripe mower features a 21-inch polymer cutting deck for a lightweight design. In fact, Toro tells us this mower is up to 25% lighter than its 60V Recycler model, at 73 pounds. Its lightweight design makes this mower incredibly easy to maneuver around landscaping borders and yard fixtures.

Toro Stripe Lawn Mower

This mower utilizes a variable speed dial so you can quickly match your mowing speed to your preferred walking pace. Additionally, there are three handle-height positions for you to choose from. When you’re done mowing for the day, the handles fold in for compact, vertical storage.

To adjust the deck height, there are levers on the right side of the mower that control the front and rear wheels separately. These levers allow you to incrementally adjust the height from 1-inch up to 4 inches.

Height PositionDeck Height
11 in.
21-3/8 in.
31-3/4 in.
42-1/8 in.
52-1/2 in.
62-7/8 in.
73-1/4 in.
83-5/8 in.
94 in.

Toro Stripe Lawn Mower Price

There are several models available for this mower and the prices reflect the features you desire. The bare-bones design retails for $379 ($479 kitted), but it doesn’t include the self-propelled or dual-blade features. If you want both of those features, the self-propelled dual-blade model retails for $629 bare and $729 for the kit, including a 7.5Ah battery and Rapid Charger.

Toro backs your mower with a 2-year warranty and the batteries with a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Toro 60V Stripe Lawn Mower is another example of why we really enjoy this brand. This mower is easy to use, lightweight, and versatile—not to mention its excellent cut quality! If you’re looking for a reliable battery-powered lawn mower that will also delight your inner greenskeeper, you’ll want to keep Toro in mind.

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